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Patricia Altschul: Kathryn Dennis Was Just A One Night Stand

On the last episode of Southern Charm, appropriately titled “Whit’s End,” things got fairly heated when Whitney Sudler-Smith’s past was brought up with Kathryn Dennis.

Basically, Craig Conover was at Shep Rose’s house, as was practically everyone else, when he decided to call Whitney out on his past with Kathryn. Basically, he feels like everyone has ousted Kathryn from the group for no good reason. He then brought up how Kathryn says there was much more to her relationship with Whitney, than Whitney is willing to admit to.

Whitney admits that they had a minor fling, but Kathryn says that it was actually a lot more than that. She even said that she spent time at Whitney’s house, which Whitney shared with his mother, Patricia Altschul. Kathryn took to Twitter with this message:

Whitney and Craig battled it out for the duration of the episode, as Craig recanted Kathryn’s version of the events, and Whitney, in very dramatic fashion, denied anything more than a quick fling.

Also, an interesting little tidbit, according to Kathryn, Whitney, at one point, confessed that he could see himself marrying the girl.

Paricia Altschul, on the other hand, has a different story. In a recent interview with ET, she had this to say:

“What can I say? I live in one wing of the house, and at that time, Whitney was living at the other wind, and I think that this whole contrivance that there was a relationship is misconstrued. I mean, I don’t like to use the term one night stand — I prefer sleepover. I think this was just a good old Southern sleepover. I mean, I never saw her in the house except once.”

Patricia continues on, saying that she believes they had relations, but they didn’t necessarily have a relationship together:

“The funny thing is, she was talking about having a relationship that went on for a week and a half. I mean, I think that it was relations — they had relations, they did not have a relationship.”

Whitney, however, is seeing a new woman, whom he hooked up with in his Los Angeles condo and made some dinner for in the last episode. Kathryn seems to be over the whole Whitney fling, as well, as she was seen getting very close with another man.

So, who do you believe, Bravoholics? Are you #TeamKathryn or #TeamWhitney on this one?

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  • Sadie Marie

    Team Kathryn from day one. Whit’s old lady is a bag!!