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OMG! Scheana Shay Snapchats Picture Of Her Dying Uncle! WTF!

Scheana Shay of Vanderpump Rules has just taken desperation to a whole new level.

You know, there’s only one thing in life that’s certain, and it’s an experience that every single one of us is going to share at one point or another, and some sooner or later.

Of course, I’m talking about death.

I’ve seen this type of stuff before, albeit rare (thankfully), on social media, and I just don’t understand what in the hell is going through the minds of these people that do stuff like this.

Are you seriously that starved for attention that you have to post a pictures or a video of someone dying? I mean, just so you can get a comment on your pictures / videos?

Maybe I’m just of a different breed, but when I go to the hospital and see a loved one that’s in bad shape; the last thing I think about doing is pulling out my cell phone, ramming it in their face, and then taking a damn picture or a video to share on social media.

I’m sure the last thing her uncle would want to remember his niece by is her being a moron and holding up a phone taking pictures of him while he struggles to live.

I can’t imagine why her husband left her.  🙄

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