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Nicole Arbour RIPS Sheana Marie On Twitter; “You’re a desperate liar!”

Nicole Arbour is that comedian chick on YouTube that rose to fame by making edgy videos in which she shares her unpopular opinions; which leads to ultimate social justice warrior triggering.

Most notably, she set the internet world ablaze with her video, “Dear Fat People,” which you can watch below:

Nicole is also a reality television fan, and has some sort of connection with the Vanderpump Rules crowd, as she apparently knows Sheana personally.

Either way, Nicole was at the Reality Television Awards show a few days ago, in which she actually performed on stage.

In a recent set of tweets Nicole sent out, she calls Scheana Marie out for being a liar, saying that the reports of Scheana’s husband, Mike Shay, disappearing and cleaning out the couples’ joint bank account, presumably because he relapsed, is just a publicity stunt.

She says that Scheana even tried to convince Nicole to aid her in lying, and concocting this story about Mike relapsing and disappearing in an attempt to get some publicity, because she needs more attention to keep her relevant, and to ultimately still be on #PumpRules.

You can check out the set of tweets below:


As you can see, Nicole definitely doesn’t hold back, and lets loose on Scheana, and if this is true, we definitely can’t blame her.

We don’t know what to think right now, as there’s people on both sides of the fence, but if this is something made up for publicity, we can only hope that Scheana gets what she deserves.

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