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Newlyweds Season 2 Announced & Season 1 Cast Updates

Bravo announced this week that the hit series Newlyweds: The First Year will return for a second season! It may not be quite what you (or the season 1 couples) were expecting, however. Instead of continuing to follow the lives of the original cast, season 2 will follow a new batch of newlyweds. No hint as of yet about a premiere date or who the new cast will be but we’re expecting another diverse group of lovebirds. Season 2 will follow the same format as Season 1, featuring 4 new couples as they embark on their lives together. Although the journeys of the couples’ paths never cross, their stories offer a common thread that allows viewers to relate to the joys and challenges of married life.

Before we get into Season 2, however, I figured now would be a good time to check in with the Season 1 Newlyweds to see what they’re up to these days.

Tina & Tarz 

Indian pop star Tina Sugandh and her hard-working hubby Tarz Ludwigsen welcomed their first baby (aka Tarz 2.0) into the world in June. They named him Tarz David Sugandh. “Tarzie,” for short. And, over the next few months, Tina will be sharing dispatches about motherhood with Bravo’s the Dish. She’ll be opening up about everything from decorating the nursery to little Tarzie’s first milestones. So far she’s calling motherhood “torture” but you’re have to read her blog to find out why. (It’s not what you think!)  Here are some photos Tina shared on her blog:

tarzie tarzina

Such cuteness! I hope Tina shares many more pics of this little guy as she continues her Bravo mommy blog!

Kim & Alaska 

Bi-coastal power couple Alaska and Kimberly Gideon don’t seem to have any baby news to share just yet but they are certainly keeping the romance alive! Last month, Bravo checked in with them. The couple attended Bridget Kelly’s intimate performance at Duane Park in NYC where the R&B singer put on a sexy, burlesque-style performance. Afterwards, the couple, congratulated the up-and-coming singer, whose new album is out this year, and snapped a selfie:


For Alaska and Kim, it was more than a social occasion: Alaska runs the management company that works with Bridget and Kim styled the singer and designed her dress for her gig. The pair were also responsible for producing the event. Seems like it’s still full-speed ahead for these two when it comes to their careers. Here’s hoping they’ve been getting to spend more time together these days, too.

Jeff & Blair 

This season’s gay couple Jeff Pedersen and Blair Late made the interview rounds last summer dishing on everything from how they met (mutual friend’s pool party) to what they would name their future daughter (Clairborne). They dropped by Bravo HQ and took a few moments to play a little quiz game designed to test their future parenting skills. Check it out:

The pair also visited San Francisco for Pride this summer and spoke with SFGate about possibly returning for a legal marriage ceremony:

“We had our ceremony for family and friends that was aired on Bravo in Savannah, so obviously it wasn’t legal there.” Blair explained. “Now that it’s legal in California, we either want to do Palm Springs or San Francisco.”

“We discussed doing the full Don Draper in a Palm Springs midcentury modern.” Jeff said.

“But now Mayor Ed Lee wants us to come back up here and get married on TV in a classic Victorian! If Ed will come we’ll do it here,” Blair quickly interjected.

After the beautiful Southern soiree that these two put on for their Savannah ceremony, I’m sure whatever they decide to do in Cali will be equally as over-the-top amazing!

John & Kathryn 

Long Island tanning moguls John & Kathryn Lagoudes recently celebrated the first birthday of their son, Dean James Lagoudes on September 24th. Happy Birthday little man! They’ve been sharing a lot of photos of the little guy via Facebook. Here’s a couple recent ones:

john&kathryn john&kathryn2

I’m guessing John is up to his usual chauvinist antics (not sure if he’s changed any diapers yet) but Kathryn still loves him anyways.

So, now that we’ve checked in with last season’s couples, do you wish that season 2 were going to still follow them? I suppose they couldn’t be newlyweds forever but I guess I sort of assumed that since the show is called Newlyweds: The First Year that season 2 would just be Newlyweds: Year Two. Ya know, kinda like how MTV follows the Teen Moms well into their twenties…

Will you be watching season 2 with new couples?


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