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New Series: Thicker Than Water Premiere Date Announced

Today, Bravo announced premiere dates for RHOA, RHOBH, Vanderpump Rules, Shahs of Sunset, Fashion Queens AND one new reality series: Thicker Than Water. The best news? They ALL premiere in early November!

Thicker Than Water will join the Bravo ranks when it premieres Sunday, November 10 at 9pm. So, what is this new series all about? It’s based around the Tankards, a wealthy southern blended family. Ben and Jewel Tankard each have young adult children still living at home and the series will document their lives and pursuit of expanding the family fortune. Patriarch Ben Tankard is the world’s best-selling Gospel Jazz musician, has won twelve Stellar Gospel Music Awards, and has multiple Grammy™ and Dove Award nominations from his Gold and Platinum albums. He’s also a motivational speaker for the NBA, Suit designer (Big & Tall), Pastor, Record Label President, Aircraft Pilot/Owner, and, now can add reality TV star to his impressive resume.


photo via GospelNewsroom

Here’s what Bravo has to say about the new series:

Sunday, November 10 at 9pm ET/PT is the new series premiere of “Thicker Than Water” which follows Ben and Jewel Tankard, self-dubbed “The Black Brady Bunch.”  This southern family integrates their strong religious conviction with their penchant for the finer things in life.  Under the watchful eye of the patriarch and matriarch, the Tankard children, although young adults, still live at home and must abide by Ben and Jewel’s rules. With the belief that “God wants us all to be millionaires,” the Tankards aim to be the best and brightest in everything they do. Along with their drive comes a healthy dose of rivalry proving the adage, “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family” especially true. Meet the Tankards and catch a sneak peek of the series here:

What do you think? Are you excited to meet the Tankards?

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  • Joseph Edward Diggs

    Horrible. .Bravo spotlights another family for pure coonery…

    • kristeen

      she said if i had to take a vow of poverty i wouldent have gotten saved!!! what do you think of that preacher. oh no your the reacher , reaching for everybodys money..GOD did not die on the cross so you can be rich, he said be ye happy with food or raiment,, your heart should not even desire all these worldly things. for your life is but a vapor.. do not conform to this world.woe unto you who are rich for you have recieved your consolation. YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THERE FRUITS!!!! so where the tree falleth so shall it be.. please search your hearts .. try the spirits …satan has fooled the world we see this with shows like yours GOD SAID DO NOT FOLLOW MAN!!!!!!! people read the king james bible … WAKE UP THE END IS CLOSER THAN YOU KNOW no one knows the hour or the day not even the angels in heaven nor the son of man…….GODS PEOPLE ARE A PECULIUR PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY DONT DESIRE THE WORLDLY THINGS …theres nothing wrong with having money but thats all you guys care about .the lady who gets up in the morning and reads her billionarisse rules really? please pick up your bible read it… GOD SAID depart from me , i never knew you, those of you who say did we not prophesied in your name? lord lord and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?and then will i profess unto them I NEVER KNEW YOU: DEPART FROM ME YE WORKERS OF INIQUITY.