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New Series: The People’s Couch Premiere Date


Bravo recently announced a new half-hour, unscripted series The People’s Couch, launching for a three-week run October 6 at 11:30 ET/PT. The series is an adaptation of the successful UK show Gogglebox which features real people watching and commenting on popular TV shows and current events. Bravo will turn the cameras on households in America as they laugh, cry, talk, gasp and scream at their TVs. Whether it’s a group of sorority sisters doing their nails or grandparents watching with their technology-obsessed grandchildren, each group will bring their hilarious, unique commentary about TV’s hottest moments to the small screen.

The People’s Couch is a funny, unfiltered comment on America’s current TV viewing habits,” says Lara Spotts, Vice President of Development at Bravo. “Continuing Bravo’s tradition of serving up pop culture in fresh, new ways, this series taps into everyone’s desire to know what others think about the shows they are watching.”

People’s Couch will kick off October 6; new episodes air over two consecutive Sundays (October 13 and October 20).

At first I assumed The People’s Couch would follow people while they watch Bravo programming exclusively. But, their announcement makes reference to watching the reactions to Miley Cyrus performing at the VMAs so looks like they will be taking a more broad approach. I wonder if they are only running 3 episodes to test the waters and then plan to do more if it is popular. Judging by the popularity of YouTube videos documenting people’s reactions to various other YouTube videos, it seems like a pretty safe bet that this will be pure entertainment gold. What do you think?

Check out this trailer from Gogglebox for a glimpse at what we might expect:

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