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New Series: Game Of Crowns Set to Premiere in July

5/21 UPDATE: Game of Crowns will premiere Sunday, July 13 @ 9:15/8:15c!

In what appears to be some kind of hilarious Real Housewives meets Toddlers in Tiaras mashup, Bravo will premiere it’s new docu-series, Game of Crowns in July. That’s right, I said “Game of Crowns”…ring a bell? Perhaps you’ve heard of a little show over on HBO called Game of Thrones? I’m not sure that Bravo’s latest reality project has much to do with dragons or (let’s hope) wedding-day murders, but there is something eerily familiar about a world of cold-hearted backstabbing, epic family feuds and doing whatever it takes to win a crown. Sure, the price of victory may be paid with a black Amex card and a visit or two to a plastic surgeon rather than with fire and blood, but Game of Crowns looks to be every bit as dramatic as its similarly-named counterpart.

game of crowns

Bravo’s new series will follow six pageant wives and take us inside their competitive world as beauty queens. Now, these women aren’t your average pageant contenders. They are competing in the “Mrs” pageant circuit where it’s a requirement that contestants be married women. From shelling out $100,000 and up for gowns, shoes, makeup, coaching, tanning and even teeth whitening to obsessing over the perfect swimsuit and honing their interview skills—these women mean business; all while being dedicated mothers and wives. 

With all this being said I’m imagining this to be basically Real Housewives on steroids. Housewives are already super competitive with each other in how they dress, where they live, who they’re married to (or not), even who’s acting career, beauty product line or personal memoir is most successful. Imagine, for instance, how intense the rivalry between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga would have been had they also been competing against each other for an actual crown!! And then there’s the crazy beauty regimen aspect of being a Housewife where the typical question is botox, fillers or both? Now, amp that up about 20 times and you’ve got grown, married women and mothers literally gluing their butt cheeks together for the sake of beauty. I can’t wait!

Here’s a sneak peek at the totally insane, gloriously ridiculous new series that is Game of Crowns:

So, just who are these women who appear willing to trade every shred of their dignity for the title of Mrs. America? Meet the cast:

Susanna Paliotta, Mrs. Nation USA 2013 and Mrs. Massachusetts Perfect Woman, is a pageant mom to her two daughters as well as a participant.

Shelley Carbone, a wholesome mother of four, won the title of Mrs. Connecticut 2010 before going on to win the title of Mrs. America 2011.

Lynne Diamante, who has a law degree and runs a multi-million dollar eyewear company, is a pageant lifer who was crowned Mrs. Rhode Island 20 years after winning Miss Rhode Island.

Vanassa Sebastian, whose marriage into a casino dynasty funds her pageant addiction, was Mrs. Connecticut 2012.

Leha Guilmette, Mrs. Rhode Island 2013, is currently preparing for the 2013 Mrs. America Pageant.

Lori-Ann Marchese, who holds the title of Mrs. Connecticut 2013, will face-off against Leha in the 2013 Mrs. America Pageant.

There you have it! No specific premiere date has been announced yet but this summer by Bravo is shaping up to be great and we’ll be sure to keep you posted once we know more.

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