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New Series: Courtney Loves Dallas Premiere Date


Just when you had given up hope of ever finding out what happened between Courtney Kerr and Matt Nordgren after the finale of Most Eligible Dallas, you’re in luck! While Most Eligible never got picked up for a second season, it seems that Bravo hasn’t had enough of Courtney just yet. She’s the star of Bravo’s new series Courtney Loves Dallas, set to premiere after Millionaire Matchmaker on December 5.

This new half-hour docu-series will follow Courtney as she navigates the lively Dallas social scene, while building a new career. Here’s the lowdown:

Courtney took a leap of faith by quitting her stable job in fashion retail to pursue her exploding fashion blog full-time (woohoo, a girl after my own heart!) hoping to make her mark on the industry she’s obsessed with. After having her heart broken by best friend, Matt Nordgren, Courtney continues to try to find the love of her life (and he must be a perfect Southern gentleman of course!) Love life aside, Courtney is also faced with shocking news that her mother may have cancer, which only strengthens her bonds with her family and best friend, Tori. However, as Courtney’s career rides high, she neglects important friends and proves that having it all sure isn’t easy.

Here’s how Courtney described the show, in her own words:

“I would describe it as a 31-year-old single gal, who loves Dallas, who’s just kind of navigating her way through the city that is filled with 30,000 millionaires. And I think it’s tough being my age and being single, because if you meet a single guy, you’re like, “Okay, you’ve dated a friend who’s dated a friend, and I know everything already about you and I’ve never shook your hand.” So it’s tough. So I think women are going to relate to it. People that like me, that were fans of me on Most Eligible I think will like it. And even people that hated me I think will like it because it will give them some good material. It’s a fun, sexy show. I think it’s maybe a real life version, a little bit, of Sex And The City.”

And regarding Matt Nordgren’s appearance:

“Matt does make an appearance, and I think people will be shocked — I think people are expecting one thing when it comes Matt and I’s relationship, but I think, um, I think people in Dallas are going to be high-fiving me the next day after they see Matt Nordgren’s appearance.”

Oooh that sounds juicy! And, the real life Sex And The City huh? Well, the girl’s got confidence!

Check out the superteaser trailer:

What do you think about Courtney Loves Dallas? Will you be tuning in on Dec. 5?

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  • Llaloba Solitaria

    Spinoff based on an obnoxious, jealous of pretty girls, horsefaced loser. She needs a man desperately. Please find a new hairdresser because your hair looks like sheet. This quest for relevance should be amusing. Big giantess with no brains, but rich. Can’t get over that middle part plastered on her forehead. Maybe a Mexican will go for her. Paper sack over head please , spoiled rich tranny..

  • Terri

    Ridiculous spin-off. This girl is not interesting. She lives in Dallas. Cool. She has a career in fashion. Cool. She is single. Awesome. She still lives like she’s in college. She acted like she was better than everyone else on her last show, even the guy she was in love with. She ended up looking crazy, but hey….let’s give her her own show! I won’t be watching.

    • rodnia elan

      I agree. I was FASCINATED by the blonde on the Dallas show who does animal rescue and who dates the strangest men, even though she is rich and gorgeous. THAT would have been a show. Courtney is tragically narcissistic as evidenced by her blog. My take on her is that she was very popular in high school based on meanness and perhaps her family’s money, and can’t figure out why those things don’t mean bunk in real life, and can’t let go of her former status. Every time I have ever seen her on screen I have cringed in embarrassment for her…I can’t believe she doesn’t see how badly she comes off.

  • Rita Long

    I love Her and Hate Him I have recorded Her series so Haters if you watch the He is trying to get her back? He made a Huge mistake with a women with a son. Is that a no no for the White Community.

  • Lorie Ferguson

    The bloom is off this rose! She acts lik she is 12 years old and wonders why she can’t attract a decent man and keep him! Wow Courtney you have a lot of growing up to do!