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NeNe Leakes Talks Stepping Down from Housewives

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After The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s record-breaking sixth season capped off with the crazy Porsha vs. Kenya reunion altercation, casting for Season 7 has been a hot topic of conversation among fans and even amongst the show’s stars. Housewives are notoriously coy about their prospects of returning each season, often because they simply don’t know yet what (if any) contract they’ll be able to negotiate for next year. Also, the lack of certainty about who will and won’t be back often helps drum up interest as the upcoming season begins production. But, whatever her reasons, NeNe Leakes seems more unsure than ever in her recent response to a question from Naughty but Nice Rob about returning to RHOA:

“So are you leaving the show?
I will still work for Bravo. I’m happy to stay on. We just need to work out some things. I’m happy to do some things. I don’t know if I’m happy to be a full time Housewife.

Have you outgrown the show?
I wouldn’t say outgrown because people would want to throw eggs at me. I would just say that I have grown and I’m at a different place in my life and I personally don’t want to go to work everyday where you have to be negative. When I wake up every morning and I go off to be negative it just feels like it spills over into my regular life. You become what you work with.”

Here’s hoping she’s just making idle threats in hopes that Bravo will up her contract (reports are that she’s already the highest paid housewife and commands a cool $1 million per season!)

What do you think about her comments? Would you still watch RHOA without NeNe Leakes?

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