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Name Those Bravo Boobs!


So, were you able to figure out who the Bravolebrity was?

Well, here’s your answer:

carlton gebbia in the pool with brandi glanville

It was Carlton Gebbia from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

The picture was taken from when she was hanging out with Brandi Glanville in the pool. You know, when they had their little make out session.

You’ll also remember Carlton as the woman that absolutely despised Kyle Richards, and the feeling was definitely mutual.

Either way, we’d like to thank you for partaking in our first round of Bravo trivia!

Check back for more Bravo trivia in the future 🙂


What’s going on out there right now, Bravoholics?

We know it’s a little bit late right now, so we’re going to entertain you night owls out there.

Right now, we’re going to play a little game and see how many of you know your stuff when it comes to Bravo!

Below, you’ll find a picture of a set of boobs, and you have to tell us which housewife those boobs belong to.

Now, to make it a little more difficult, the implants could belong to a present housewife, or a former housewife.

Are you ready to check out some boobs and try your hand at our little game?

Alright… here…we…go!


So, do you know who those boobs belong to? If so, leave us a comment below and let us know!

We’ll come back and update this post tomorrow with the answer, so make sure you bookmark this page!

Good luck!

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