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Millionaire Matchmaker Season 7 Premiere Date, New Cast & Celeb Millionaires

The Millionaire Matchmaker - Season 7Patti Stanger returns Dec. 5 @ 9pm!! And, for season 7, she has a whole new crew to help her work her matchmaking magic. Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff have left the show. Hopefully one of them will reply to my Tweet to tell us what’s up with that. Guessing producers/Patti just thought it was time for the show to get a re-boot for its 7th season. And, while I’ll miss Destin & Rachel, I think it will be a interesting to see a new perspective on Patti and the clientele. This is where the new matchmaking assistants come into play. From left to right, let’s get to the introductions. First, we have Justin Bird, who’s been tapped to provide the “guy’s guy” point of view. Next, meet David Cruz, who is being described as a “hopeless romantic”–maybe he can soften Patti a little? And, finally, you may recognize Marisa Saks as a former Millionaire’s Club dater. If you don’t remember her, check out the snippet from her date below.

The Millionaire Matchmaker - Season 7 The Millionaire Matchmaker - Season 7 The Millionaire Matchmaker - Season 7

This season features fresh faces and new surroundings as Patti’s business is thriving in a swanky new office in Marina Del Ray. And, the new Millionaire’s Club digs and crew aren’t the only exciting things about Season 7! This year, Patti has been enlisted to help out some pretty big names. First up, Don Swayze (yes, Swayze as in Patrick’s younger brother) in the season premiere. Then, the season continues with clients such as Jonathan Cheban (Kim Kardashian’s BFF and star in his own reality right of the short-lived The Spin Crowd), Katrina Parker (runner-up contestant on The Voice Season 2), Courtney Kerr (of Bravo’s own Most Eligible Dallas AND her new spinoff Courtney Loves Dallas), Stefan Richter (also a Bravoleb, you’ll remember him as the mouthy Finnish cheftestant from Top Chef Season 5 AND Season 10), and last but certainly not least, ROSIE PIERRI!! Clearly, she needs no introduction as she’s the coolest chick on RHONJ. Can’t wait to watch all of their episodes (but especially Rosie!)

The trailer is out and, as Teresa would say, it’s all about Love, Love, Love! We see lots of footage of  “best ever”, “amazing” and “fantastic” dates, learn about Rosie’s “Golden Cooch”, get a lesson in twerking, and watch the usual Patti yelling at her clients and threatening to fire people. Season 7 also picks up with Patti and her boyfriend David Krausse having moved in together and it looks like they’re on cloud nine. The trailer has them dancing with their dogs and performing the run-and-jump-and-catch-and-hug move that I never thought to see a 52-year-old woman undertake. Check out the Season 7 trailer below and be sure to tune in on December 5 at 9pm!!

Season 2, episode 10. Laurence & Melissa’s date:

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  • Sandra SB

    I saw her on an episode in season 1 also. she was one of the girls at a mixer, and I saw the gay assistant too at one of the mixers