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Million Dollar Listing NY Season 4

Million Dollar Listing New York just wrapped up Season 3 so it’s time to look forward to Season 4! If you caught last week’s extra footage episode you may have picked up on the little tidbit at the end where the producers congratulate the guys on wrapping Season 3 then tell them they start production on Season 4 the following day. So, with Bravo already joking around about Season 4 in the making, we think it’s a pretty safe bet that we can count on more MDLNY to come. Joking aside, Million Dollar Listing Season 3 posted a solid ratings average of 1,067,417 total viewers per episode, leaving little doubt that Bravo will be planning a fourth season in 2015. 

So, just what can we expect from Million Dollar Listing New York Season 4?

MDLNY cast S4

I’d guess all three cast members are returning. Fredrik Eklund, Ryan Serhant, and Luis Ortiz seem to be a winning combination for the franchise. In my personal opinion, I really can’t think of a more compelling television personality than Fredrik with his high kicks, hilarious outbursts, and lovable smile. It doesn’t hurt that he’s among the worlds’ most successful brokers and we’ve even heard he’s shown Andy Cohen some NYC properties so clearly he’s in with the boss man. Ryan exhibits his own unique version of oddly-likable eccentricity and managed over the course of Season 3 to transform himself from the clear cast villain to a somewhat sympathetic character. Plus, he always brings interesting story lines to his segments, even if he doesn’t post the highest sales numbers. And then there’s Luis. How could anyone not love Luis? Sure he’s perhaps a little bit over-sensitive but that’s just part of his charm. I love watching his career blossom right in front of our Bravo-Watching eyes! Also, it seems unlikely that unless ratings were slipping Bravo would want to mess with a formula for success. All this being said, I’d put my money on these three guys being back for MDLNY Season 4.


mdlny s3 reunion

One change I think Bravo might consider making for Season 4 would be axing the newly-added reunion episodes. Or, at least cutting the reunion down to only one episode in the future. Why? Well, if we take a closer look at the Season 3 ratings it becomes clear that the first-ever Million Dollar Listing Reunion may not have been a win for the show. The S3 finale came in at a season-high 1,285,000 total viewers. The reunion part 1 dropped to a still-respectable 1,157,000 but then part 2 tallied only 849,000 total viewers–the season low. Not so good. I’ll be keeping an eye on the upcoming new season of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (and possibly even Miami) to see if a Million Dollar Listing reunion is attempted again.

Story Lines

Assuming we see the same cast back for Season 4 (see above), I’ve got a few thoughts on what we might see going on in each of their lives. The biggest story that comes to mind is a possible engagement between Ryan Serhant and his girlfriend Emilia Bechrakis. There was some alluding to this possible eventuality at the reunion and we know Bravo loves nothing more than a reality wedding! With Luis I’m hoping to see something going on in the love department too. We saw him struggling this season with his fear of “losing himself” in a relationship. (Not really sure what exactly that means but he got super emotional about it at the reunion so I’m rooting for him to figure that ish out.) I’m afraid Fredrik and his hot hubby Derek may be headed for some marital strife. Fredrik still seems convinced that he can sell Derek on the idea of having a child but Derek seems pretty steadfast in his opposition. This seems like a major sticking point to me and we’ll see how that continues to play out next season. When it comes to their relationships with each other, I’d expect to see more shifting allegiances next year. Who knows, maybe Fredrik and Ryan will even buddy up!

ryan & fredrik mdlny

What would you like to see when changed or hope stays the same when Million Dollar Listing New York Season 4 premieres in 2015 (likely with a March, April, or May premiere date)? Do you think Bravo should stick with Fredrik, Ryan, & Luis or does anyone need to go? Maybe a newbie added to the mix? How about the reunion–did you watch and, if so, what did you think?


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  • Michael

    I think that with #MDLNY being nominated for an EMMY, all the regular cast will be returning. I also think with Bravo having such a winner on it’s hand, they will be investing more money into the show, maybe even more episodes 🙂

  • Gemma Fensome


  • Love this programme……totally hooked with the cast. Really can’t wait for season 4..excited ….love from Manchester UK

  • Jinda Len

    I LOVE each one of these men, equally. I can’t WAIT for the next series to start. For the next … I’d like to see humor. They’re really passionate about their lives and work as realtors, I wish they’d loosen up a little and provide some human funny, have a good laugh once in awhile, show that side of their personality. Other than that, they’re great just the way they are.

  • ava

    They should axe Million Dollar Listing LA and move on. San Fran’s good. Chicago? or how about Paris? three fab frenchmen?
    Love Fredrik, Ryan and Luis (what about Luis with Ryan’s girlfriend Emilia? both family people and both very sensitive…and the drama would be epic!!!!)