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Million Dollar Listing LA Season 6 Premieres Wed., 8/7


The boys are back and they mean business! And, when the business is real high-end real estate, the stakes are high and the drama guaranteed. Season 6 of Million Dollar Listing LA premieres this Wednesday, August 7 at 9pm. This season picks up with castmembers Josh Altman, Josh Flagg and Madison Hildebrand hashing out a turf war in an LA market that has become super competitive.

If the preview is any indication (see below) the guys are fighting to keep up with a “booming” market and with each other. Middle fingers are flying and both their personal and professional interactions are sure to keep us on our toes.

It seems that Josh Altman and longtime girlfriend, Heather, who used to be Madison’s assistant, may run into some complications regarding the line between business and pleasure. Josh’s brother is supposedly going to play a more prominent role this season and it looks to me like they plan to start a family business but are not inviting Heather to take part. BUT **SPOILER ALERT** since the couple recently announced their engagement, it looks like they were able to work everything out.

We catch a glimpse of Josh Flagg’s partner Colton storming out after asserting that the pair need to move forward and on to the next stage in their lives. (He wants to ditch Josh’s bachelor pad in favor of a home of their own). Since I just heard **SPOILER ALERT!** that Josh recently purchased a cute little house above the sunset strip (for the cute little sum of $1.6million), it would seem that Colton gets his way.

And, finally, Madison seems to be expanding his territory beyond Malibu, which the Joshes don’t appreciate (especially after Madison fired Heather because–according to Josh Altman–she wanted to expand their territory and he didn’t). Also, we see that Madison has a “special boy” this season, but looks like that relationship will not be drama-free either.

Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds! Will you be watching on Wednesday?


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