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Melissa Gorga Dishes On Joe Gorga Being Unsupportive About Her Business

Joe Gorga over the years has been a lovable character on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Seriously, dude is always doing something goofy that just puts a smile on your face.

His facial reactions crack me up all the time.

joe gorga tongue out

Also, he’s not afraid to let loose, get wild, and even get show off his wee-wee (this has happened a lot more than once) in front of the camera.

joe gorga naked

The dude is freakin’ hilarious, and there’s just no doubt about that.

However, a lot of fans are upset with Joe, because he seems to be unsupportive in regards to his wife, Melissa Gorga, starting up her own boutique – Envy.

Firstly, he wasn’t exactly on board with the whole concept of the boutique, and he also stated that he doesn’t feel like he has a wife anymore, and he’s become Mr. Mom.

It was Melissa that did a lot of the kid-watching while Joe was off being an entrepreneur, but now the roles have reversed a little bit, and some viewers are upset, saying that Joe is completely unsupportive of his wife, and shouldn’t have a problem with parenting his own kids.

Melissa, on the other hand, is viewing the whole situation in a positive light, saying that she finds it hilarious:

I laughed out loud seeing Joe handle the kids while I was at work. I think it’s safe to say he was being a little dramatic! Sending the kids outside when our backyard was completely under construction – dirt piles and all – wasn’t the best idea.

She also said that she was appreciative for Joe coming out to the opening of Envy, and all the support he showed her:

I could not be more thankful and appreciative of Joe and of the girls for coming out to show their support. The opening was a huge success!

Melissa says that it was incredibly touching when Joe recognized her successes, and even said that her deceased father is still around, and so proud of her:

Joe’s touching words about my father really meant a lot. I know my father is with me always and that he is proud of all I have done.

It doesn’t matter how you slice it, Bravoholics, Joe and Melissa are perfect together, and it’s great to see her business taking off, and Joe admitting that she totally rocked it!

And just for shits and giggles:

joe gorga being punched

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