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Meghan King Edmonds: My Husband Just Isn’t That Smart

We have to wonder if the marriage between Real Housewives of Orange County star, Meghan King Edmonds and her hubby, Jim Edmonds, is feeling a bit strained right now.

As we all know, Meghan’s husband isn’t exactly the attentive type, and viewers wonder why the two are even a couple still.

Still, Meghan’s storyline for this season of #RHOC is mostly comprised of her IVF journey, and you can tell that Jim just simply isn’t interested in the whole “let’s have a baby,” deal.

It looks more like a thing Meghan wants to do, rather than Jim.

In her recent blog, Meghan had this to say about Jim and his seemingly uncaring attitude:

It is really frustrating to me that Jimmy doesn’t act more interested in the IVF process, especially considering that it has consumed my life. I understand that it can be an overwhelming process and he had to be in Florida for spring training during most of it, but I was on a lot of hormones and was very emotional.

Well, you know, with all the drama the show brings, we can only imagine why he wouldn’t want to be around a hormonal Meghan.

Still, Meghan says it would have been nice if he could have at least tried to care:

It definitely would’ve been nice to have him pay more attention to the process, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t excited for us to have a baby.

However, Meghan, in an attempt to defend Jim, tried to explain his side of things awhile back, saying that it’s not his fault — he’s just not very intelligent:

Additionally, Jimmy is the kind of person that likes to get information and not really ask questions. He’s not a researcher like I am, and sometimes a lot of information is too much information for him.

Well, there you go, Bravoholics, it sounds like ole Jimmy just lacks the basic ability to comprehend things.

Do you think Jimmy is just a victim of possibly some bad editing, or do you think he’s just uninterested in the whole relationship right now?

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