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Meghan King Edmonds: I Questioned If I Should Have Even Gotten Pregnant

As we all know, Meghan King Edmonds‘ storyline revolves around her whole IVF journey, which we witness every single week.

Meghan is so pumped to finally have a baby of her own, that she talks about all of the adorable kid moments that took place on last night’s episode:

This week’s episode had some great kid moments! I was laughing so hard with Stella and the wet dream question! I can’t believe how well David handled it and just answered her like it was no big deal. So funny! And then the scene with Owen and Briana in bed. He is so stinking adorable with his donut request and his “please Nana dear!” I can’t wait for my baby to be his age! I also loved hearing Jolie talk to Kelly about what she gave up for Lent. I remember being a kid and giving things up for Lent at my Catholic school, and then trying to find every little way around it. Lent feels like such a long time for a little girl! And milkshakes aren’t actually ice cream, right?

Also, Jim Edmonds is still being a total douche nozzle, and not showing interest in Meghan’s whole IVF journey.

It’s effected her so much that she questions whether or not she should have even gotten pregnant in the first place:

I was really disappointed in Jimmy’s lack of sentiment throughout my IVF process. And honestly, there were moments I was questioning if getting pregnant was even the right choice. Now that I am pregnant he is so happy and excited for our baby girl to come, but at the same time I still think he’s removed.

However, Meghan is remaining optimistic, saying that she thinks Jim is going to completely change when the baby is born:

He’s more excited about decorating the nursery and buying a stroller: things that are needed for a real life baby, not one in utero. He just isn’t going through the hormones and emotions like I have been and I know as soon as our baby girl arrives, he’ll fall in love and be just as excited as I am. Maybe it’s like our new puppy, Girly Girl. He didn’t want her at all! Now that we have her though, he dotes on her more than me and even wants to wake up for the middle of the night potty breaks!

Well, I don’t think Jim is going to be as enthusiastic when he’s knee-deep in crappy diapers.

Changing a baby is a whole lot different than opening a door, so a dog can go out and handle its business.

Either way, let’s hope Meghan is right and Jim becomes interested when they welcome their daughter into the world.

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  • SwordsWoman

    If my husband had reacted the way Jimmy did, he would have gotten a black eye & shoved out of the car. I have never seen such a self-absorbed man in my life…& what’s worse, Meghan puts up with it! It brings me back when I was a young woman. I didn’t care how a man treated me, just as long as he said he loved me. I married two men I never should have even went out on a date with back then. It wasn’t until I learned how to be happy alone & comfortable in my own skin that the right man came into my life. We have been together for almost 13 years & not once in all that time did he ever hit me, cheat on me, steal from me, belittle me, ignore me, etc. He treats me like a queen & loves all of me…the good, the bad & the ugly. Young women need to focus on learning how to treat themselves the way they want men to treat them. Otherwise, they will get stuck in that nasty cycle of in & out of relationships they have no business being in. xoxo