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Meghan King Edmonds: F**k The Haters! Don’t Tell Me How To Raise My Baby!

As we’ve reported, Meghan King Edmonds is ready to pop at any moment, and she’s already relocated to St. Louis, as she absolutely refuses to raise her baby girl in Orange County.

That being said, Meghan has already set up her new nursery for her bundle of joy that will be brought into the world in just a matter of weeks, if not days.

Meghan, while being excited for her little girl, has been taking advantage of her pregnancy while it lasts.

She’s posted a ton of pictures of her baby bump, maternity photos in general, baby toys, baby clothes, and of course, the new nursery, which you’ll see below.

Even though Meghan is trying to enjoy her newfound motherhood, she’s still under a great bit of stress, as with every picture she posts, she feels as if she’s under the radar, and people have something to say about every little thing involving her baby, and her baby’s safety.

First up, let’s check out a picture of the nursery:


Meghan accompanied the photo with a brief, heartwarming message:

Just add baby ? (crib bows and skirt by @hugbug_shop – they are exquisite!)

However, the photo she posted right after the one above contained a very long-winded, and very different tone:


Meghan included this caption along with the picture:

Love the pillows! I got a lil wild with the longhorn! And that’s the flower crown I wore in my maternity photos (To the hundreds of crazy people who comment and criticize on every last detail of my nursery I ask you this: do you think the longhorn will come alive and impale its horns into the baby when she’s not looking? Or maybe the beads are a choking hazard? Or maybe the baby will be too distracted to sleep bc of all the shiny beads! Did I miss anything? I’m sure you will let me know! ?)

Yeah… Vastly different from the first photo and caption combo she posted, huh?


What do you think about Meghan going off? Do you think she’s being ungrateful for the people trying to help her out with some baby advice/tips, or do you think people just need to chill out and let her do her own thing?

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