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Meghan King Edmonds: Destined For Reality Stardom

Meghan King Edmonds is known for being one of the ladies on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Some of you may even remember that she was also featured on Say Yes to the Dress.

However, did you know that these weren’t the first reality television shows that she starred on?

Back when Meghan was still in her 20’s, she appeared on a reality show called Resale Royalty in 2013:

Resale Royalty is a workplace documentary series set in St. Louis that follows Sue McCarthy along with her daughters, Diana and Laura, who own and operate one of the top resale stores in the country. This mother-daughter trio work to bring designer brands at affordable prices to their fashion savvy clientèle. With more than 25 years of experience in the resale business, Sue has big plans for the future, but she’ll need her daughters, Diana and Laura, to help manage the expanding empire. However, mixing family and business is never easy as their differing personalities will put their business relationships to the test. From spectacular closet buys of posh St. Louis socialites to exclusive shopping tours across the country, “Resale Royalty” is an exploration of high-end fashion events, insider trends, designer insight and the highs-and-lows associated with a demanding business overseen by an eccentric staff, who are also family.

If you check out this short clip below, you can catch some clear glimpses of Meghan:

So, it definitely looks like Meghan was just destined to become a reality television star at some point in her life.

It’s crazy to look back only three years ago and see what Meghan was up to, and how much her life has changed.

Now, she’s married to Jim, and she’s officially pregnant with a baby girl!

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