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Meet New OC Housewife Shannon Beador


BravoWatch recently reported on the new, mystery Housewife that RHOC’s Tamra Judge “outed” via social media. To recap, Tamra posted photos with a woman who she referred to as a “new housewife”, with whom she and Eddie attended a USC game. She referred to the unknown blonde as Shannon but no last name and, since then, the photos have been taken down. Lucky for us, there was another lady-friend of Tamra’s in attendance at the game, one Heather McDonald, and she helped us out with a last name: “With @tamrajudge & new housewife & USC alumni shannon Beador”. Thank the Bravo Gods for social media!

As can be expected, the Bravo Blogosphere has been all-a-buzz trying to track down any and all details about Shannon and her husband David that are available on the Internets. Here’s the most informative of what I’ve seen, courtesy of Stoopid Housewives:

Shannon Beador was born in 1964, which makes her 49.
Shannon has three children, including twins.
Shannon currently lives in Newport Beach.
Shannon Beador attended La Jolla Country Day School in La Jolla, CA and graduated class of 1982.
The Beador’s Newport Beach home was purchased in 2011 for $2.35 million
The Beador’s house was listed as “Bonita Canyon’s Largest HomeShannon Beador's House

Shannon’s parents also live in Newport Beach
Shannon is married to David Beador
David is President of Beador Construction, a company started by his father.
Beador Construction was founded in 1996, has annual revenue of $13 million, employs roughly 80 people and has sales of $50 to $100 million per year
According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shannon has a net worth of $20 million
Shannon is a believer in Fung Shui“When my twins were born, my husband and I had to move our 3 year old daughter into a new room. She screamed all night every night. We consulted doctor after doctor and finally Elaine was recommended to us. I was willing to give Feng Shui a try but my husband wasn’t. I called Elaine anyway and when she came to our home, my husband was so angry he would barely speak to Elaine. When she saw my daughter’s room, she immediately moved some furniture around and my daughter slept soundly from that night on. I also implemented other cures she suggested and many wonderful things happened for our family.A year after meeting Elaine, my husband built his own office building. He quietly asked for Elaine to come and help him with any Feng Shui issues. We are now building our dream home and consult with Elaine every step of the way. Our lives have drastically changed for the better since Elaine entered our life. She is such a wonderful person with a tremendous heart and we owe her so much!” 

Well, that’s quite a lot of info about someone we’ve only heard about last weekend! Of course, Bravo has yet to officially confirm any casting rumors for The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9, but they clearly cared enough about this to ask Tamra to take the photos down. The big question for me is, was this all part of Bravo’s plan afterall? I mean, Tamra Judge is not a stupid woman ( opinions notwithstanding!) and I highly doubt that she would simply not realize that posting about the “new housewife” would set all of this reaction in motion. I also doubt that she would want to do anything to jeopardize her job at Bravo for no good reason. So, I see two possible, deliciously juicy explanations:

1) Tamra just found out that her “spinoff” will not be going anywhere beyond a wedding special. Perhaps she was just told that Tamra’s OC Wedding is the end of the line for her solo career and she’s not too happy. RHOC is already filming Season 9 and Bravo is unlikely to fire her mid-season so maybe she just figured, hey, why not do something to piss Andy off?

2) Bravo is behind the whole thing. The holidays are upon us and this time of year tends to be a slow time for TV viewership. Perhaps Bravo just wanted to spice things up and get people thinking about the Housewives flagship franchise in the off season. This story has certainly created a lot of buzz about Season 9 so maybe they were just eager to kick off the casting rumor mill.

What do you think? Is Shannon really the new housewife? Was Bravo behind the announcement or did Tamra go rogue?


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