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Married to Medicine Season 3?

married to medicine s2 reunion set
Are you missing Married to Medicine already? With Season 2 in the books, at least we can start to speculate about the possibility of Married to Medicine Season 3. The popular Atlanta-based series seemed to really find its groove this past season making a return in 2015 seem highly likely.


Over the course of its 17 episodes, Married to Medicine Season 2 followed the antics of seven women connected with the Atlanta medical community. Fans of Season 1 knew the drill: some of the women are doctors themselves (or in the case of Season 2 addition Heavenly–dentists), others are married to doctors, but all of the women enjoy the perks of doctor-salary success. Here at Bravowatch, we’ve previously commented on the thinly-veiled similarities between Married to Medicine and The Real Housewives, specifically RHOA. With Atlanta consistently leading the pack when it comes to Housewives rating success, M2M seemed like a sure bet. And, with both seasons getting a lead-in boost from the Atlanta Housewives themselves, Married to Medicine has most certainly benefited from overlapping audience appeal. This season, the ladies kept us entertained with a couples cabin trip (minus Mariah), human and doggie fashion shows, and, of course, plenty of tea spillage and shade throwing.

married to medicine s2 cabin


The odds of Married to Medicine being renewed for Season 3 are very good if we take a look at Season 2 ratings. The show’s sophomore season kicked off with a bang–clocking in with an impressive 2,397,000 total viewers. And, while Married never posted numbers that high in a subsequent episode, the season still averaged out at a very respectable 1,628,000 viewers per episode. This number represents about a 6% boost as compared with Season 1 overall. Things get slightly stickier, however, if we look at the all-important 18-49 demo audience numbers, where Season 2 actually demonstrated a loss vs. Season 1. And, as mentioned above, having The Real Housewives of Atlanta provide a lead-in, as well as its coveted Sunday night time slot, set Married to Medicine up for almost-certain success. Simon van Kempen of Bravo Ratings shared a compelling theory that Married to Medicine will, indeed, be renewed for a third season thanks to its strong ratings but that it will likely be moved to a different night in order to allow another new show to benefit from the cushy RHOA intro on Sundays.

Mysterious Mariah

By now, everyone is aware that Mariah Huq is an executive producer in addition to being a cast member. The self-proclaimed Queen Bee has made this fact clear to viewers as well as her costars, while still managing to maintain a certain degree of mystery surrounding just how much power she really wields when it comes to hiring and firing, as well as the future of the show. Mariah took to her Bravo blog following the the close of Season 2 where she shared a couple confusing hints about what might be in store for Married to Medicine moving forward.

married to medicine s2 reunion mariah

First of all, Mariah assures fans that she’s sticking around and that we will hear directly from her should she decide to make an exit from the show. Then, she reminds us that she is “invested in the show” but won’t apologize for keeping the “intricate details about [her] ownership” to herself…. whatever that means. She proceeds to offer words of encouragement/apology/advice (?) to her costars and concludes with a foreboding warning of sorts: “Time to plant new seeds or grow another grove!” The metaphor refers to the reunion’s “shady grove” setting and seems to suggest that Mariah has plans to make some changes to the cast for Season 3 or, if I’m reading into this correctly, possibly start over with a whole new show. (All this despite playing coy about just how much “ownership” she really has over Married to Medicine.) It seems that Mariah would have us believe that she has virtually unlimited power when it comes to the future of Married to Medicine and, seeing has how Season 2 had her on the outs with most of the cast for most of the season, perhaps we should be concerned about just what she plans to do now. 

What did you think about Married to Medicine Season 2 and how would you feel about potential major changes for Season 3?

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  • Portia Smith

    I think there should be a cars change.Get rid of Quad,Lisa and Toya.Quad has brought so much turmoil and hatred to the show.I love the concept Mariah has with this show showing positive strong and diverse families.I don’t have a problem with drama.I love Mariah’s drama.This show is nothing without Mariah that’s a fact.The idea of the powers to be behind the scenes trying to sabotage this show for a dollar is quite disturbing and disrespectful.I would love to see a third season but on the above terms.No Mariah N,o show.I’m Team Mariah Forever!!! #Executive Producer #Creator#The real deal.

    • jessica

      You cant get rid of 90% of the original cast they are who made the show what it is!!!

  • Deborah Grimes

    The tone of this online story is almost gut-wrenching, particularly Lili Klein’s slanted perspective on Mariah. It’s indicative of this entire season, where those who can’t appreciate Mariah’s business savvy, talents, and overall essence continue to underscore their “hate” with baseless innuendos and cold-hearted statements. As Portia Smith relays, the show would be nothing without Mariah, and neither would this article. My suggestions are simple — get producers on board who don’t have an agenda, show respect for the creator of the show and bring the show to the level that Mariah first envisioned when she and Aydin struck the deal. Positivity is important and will ultimately go much farther than these “mean girls” storylines. People are getting tired of “rachet TV,” so don’t blow it with these silly gang-ups against Mariah… or anybody else. Also, focus on the male doctors in their workplace environments sometimes, so that you don’t always have the only female doctors talking about “catching babies.” That kind of interaction would be fresh. I would love to have you show Toya, Quad, Lisa and Heavenly to the door…but after seeing the Andy-less season recap where the ladies hosted themselves, I believe there may be hope for them. With that being said, ditch Andy for the S3 Reunion and let these women handle themselves. They did a much better job and it left me less anxious and upset. It almost seemed as though they were are…well, you know…friends.

  • lenabean

    Cant wait to see the houston series!!!…Should be every bit of entertaining

  • Ashley

    Team Mariah all the way. She is awesome. Quad is nothing but jealous I think she became annoyed by Mariahs standings and she portrportrays her self to b a strong woman. To me she is everything but strong with a whole lot of mess. Along with Toya, Lisa, and Heavenly.

  • jessica

    No changing the cast, when you change the cast its not the same or original! you can add newcomers but everyone that’s on needs to stay on!!!!! Season 3 cant come quick enough! I think they should add lisa Hochstein to married to medicine I think she would fit well with them!!!

  • Andre Thompson

    Mariah is certainly the nucleus of the group and envy from fellow cast members has shown real colors. Quad should quit with the whining and live her life really. Quad has brought so much turmoil to this show and the tails like Lisa Nicole and Toya need to be kicked out.

  • Latoya N Lewers

    I can’t wait Quad, used Mariah, turned every one against her. Block people because we could see the fake person she was. Bring it o. Season 3 MARRIED 2 MEDICINE!! Team Mariah, Dr. Simone, Lisa Nicole, Dr. Jackie, and oh yes Dr Heavenly! !! Who is that Goodyear, oh yeah quad, can’t wait to c her exposed for the user she is!!

  • Joyce

    I agree with Portia Smith, no Mariah no show.