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Married to Medicine Premieres Sunday 3/24


Married to Medicine, premiering this weekend, is set in Atlanta and centers around six women, four of whom are married to doctors and two who are doctors themselves. We’re guessing we’ll be following their lives, interactions, families and, of course–their drama!  Sound familiar? Is Bravo’s newest addition really just a thinly-veiled-as-something-new addition to the Housewives franchise?  More specifically, the Atlanta Housewives phenomenon. Not that we’re complaining(!!!), but the similarities are striking.

Now, the Housewives are certainly not the only all-women, relationship-based series out there. Several other networks (TLC, Style, and VH1 for instance) have attempted to piggy-back on Bravo’s popular model.  But, up until now, Bravo itself hasn’t followed the Housewives formula quite so closely for any series outside of that franchise.

Eerily, M2M (catchy?!) is set to debut at 9pm Sunday, immediately after the Real Housewives of Atlanta finale. Knowing that RHOA is the most watched show within the Housewives franchise makes us wonder if Bravo just couldn’t help but keep that ball rolling in casting a new crew of Atlanta ladies.

We’ve heard (source: Access that the genesis of M2M is primarily credited to one of the women, Mariah Huq who is married to an emergency room physician and pitched “Married to Medicine” to networks for more than three years before Bravo gave it the green light.  Apparently, she recruited the other five women, including the doctor who delivered one of her first baby.  About the show, she says: “For me, this is a dream come true. This is what I was born to do. I knew I was going to be on TV.  She’d like to emulate Bethenny Frankel (duh! so do all the other Housewives and the population at large!) who sold her Skinnygirl line of cocktails for a hefty eight-figure sum in 2011.

Huq, goes so far as to call herself “the queen bee… the heart of the entire social circle.” Somebody get this woman some self-confidence!

What do you think? Is there such a thing as too many Housewives? This blogger, for one, can’t get enough! But, then again, maybe there is a line and maybe that line is when Bravo starts doubling up 2 sets of ladies per major metropolis…

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