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Looking Forward: Shahs of Sunset Season 4

shahs of sunset season 3 reunion

4/8 UPDATE: Bravo confirmed that Shahs of Sunset will be renewed for Season 4! 

Whatever the weather where you live, it definitely feels like a changing of the seasons on Bravo these days. All of our well-loved winter programming is ending, making room for a fresh set of shows to carry us into spring. We just said goodbye to Vanderpump Rules and, already, we have to bid another favorite farewell.

The Shahs of Sunset wrapped up their 2-part reunion last night and I must admit those crazy, wonderful Persians had me a little bit misty-eyed by the end. It’s almost unfathomable how this group, who at turns were at each others throats all season, could pull it together in a message of love to wrap up their third installment–but they did. Somehow, in the space of one meal, MJ & GG went from hurling insults and hate across mounds of dried fruit and baked goods to tearfully professing their eternal affection. The same went for Mike and Reza who, despite admitting a lack of trust on both sides, hugged it out in the end; both unwilling to let such a meaningful friendship die.

shahs season 3 reunion mike and reza

Even Lilly, who hadn’t really been a part of the group all season, seemed to be accepted warmly back into the fold by the time of the final toast. So, what exactly had Andy slipped into those gilded goblets to get everyone feeling so warm and fuzzy? Whatever the magic cocktail was I’m betting it’s affects wont last long. So, don’t you worry, if history is any indication, there’s still plenty of drama in this group’s future.

The question then is, what exactly will the future look like for the Shahs of Sunset? Can we expect to see them back for Season 4? My guess is yes, but we may be expecting some changes. Shahs of Sunset Season 3 did find rating success; average total viewership per episode was at 1,296,929 up until the reunion. This should be good enough to warrant renewal. The problem is, compare that number to Season 2, which averaged 1,928,154 total viewers per episode, and the trajectory doesn’t look so great. With an over 32% drop in viewership between this season and last, you can bet Bravo isn’t feeling quite as much love as the Shahs were last night.

shahs season 3 reunion andy

So, what might we expect to be different in Season 4? Most likely we’ll see a casting change. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lilly Ghalichi out and a new Shah in. She barely had a storyline this season and, despite something of a mea culpa at the reunion, I’m just not seeing how she adds enough to justify sticking around. Would you miss Lilly?

The other possibility is a big new storyline to set things in motion with a new tone for Shahs Season 4. For instance: Reza and Adam’s wedding. Reza said that it will “definitely be a small and intimate affair” and that they may even plan a destination wedding. Let’s not forget that Tamra Barney said similar things before wedding Eddie Judge in an extravagant ceremony captured by Bravo cameras. So, I’m definitely not ruling this possibility out. I could even see Reza and Adam having a wedding spinoff series, making it a same-sex first for Bravo. Guess we’ll have to stay tuned!

What do you think Shahs of Sunset Season 4 might look like? Would you like to see the same cast or some new faces to mix things up?

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  • Gen

    I can’t wait for season 4! I hope Lilly will stick around, and hoping for new cast memebers

    • June

      Just waiting for them to be back!

  • Jina Ray

    I want to see them shahs again . I miss them so much.plssssssss

  • Jina Ray

    for me it was like I was seeing my family every week (whom I didn’t see them for almost 20 years) Pls sssssss bring them back

  • trish

    when is shah of sunset going to start this season?

  • elma araujo

    The same cast, special on Reed a an Adam wedding..

  • elma araujo

    Have a special Reeza an Adam wedding..The same cast

  • T T

    OMG! really love this show! I’m African and I feel everything they feel! <3 I adore Reeza, I love Mj's body! her body speaks to me and makes me confident about mine NO one should make her feel less. I love Asa she also speaks to my level in the art level! she my girl! haha. I love Lily's world of perfection ! I love GG's struggle and Mike's love is amazing! please BRING THEM BACK!

    • disqus_GQOvVHRQW1

      I agree, I see myself in each of the cast members. I see how much they are talented and unique. I love Asa’s independent creative self and wanting to be unique and displaying that, and I enjoy MJ’s heart and telling her truths and fashion sensibility and standing up for herself bc her sister should put her first over anyone, I admire MJ’s strength to deal with body image and critical mother, I get provoked in though by Reza’s comments and intensity, and love Mike’s humour and wanting to be a better man and set for his gf, and I like Lily’s standing up for herself and her cute bubbly personality.

  • Sayeh

    I love shahs of sunste. I am persian – but I live in Austria, so here things are diffrent.
    I love Reza soooo much!

  • Susan Moghaddam

    Shame we can’t see it in UK 🙁

    • disqus_GQOvVHRQWZ

      You can see it on TVNTube or any other tv on internet websites

      • Susan Moghaddam

        Thank you x

  • disqus_GQOvVHRQW1

    OMG! I love this show!!! I love it more than KUWTK!!! There is depth, storyline, real emotions, and thank you Ryan Seacrest for putting another ethnicity such a the ancient empire of Persia’s citizens. The regime not the country is at fault and it didn’t come into place by itself. Growing up I had no one on tv, radio, magazinies, in school until grade 7/8 that was Persian. The rich history, culture, varied north american like landscape, bounty and beautiful people are missing and propaganda has always been in place. TMZ is one the worst shows to portray the cast and unfortunately, so are many commentators. The only thing I would say is the Reunion’s host while professional acted like he had never seen anyone act out before – maybe he missed watching Real housewves…at least this cast is real. People raise their voice, fight and love hard sometimes. I don’t like how the cast focuses hard and the show for that matter on religion and alternative lifestyles…the eye in the intro is a big Illuminati signal Growing up the country was portrayed on tv by the late Peter Jennings with a flag and a desert in the background during the war and then would switch to people hitting themselves with their hands for religious festivals…that is what I recall as a person who never went to Persia and yet was Persian…the images of desert and backward fanatics struck me…and when I saw the beautiful landscape from pictures online and with friends its shocked me. The country’s people are loving and good, but the stresses of sanctions, war, starvation,
    depravity, and essentially widening of rich and poor gap does not help…the regime put into place by other countries to control and oppress people does not help either…but it must be done I guess to take control of the resourcse like oil.minerals, gas etc.

  • Mac No

    In the following order: MJ, Reza, Golnessa are the trashiest people on the show and Lilly, Mike, and Asa are the not the trashiest! Sorry I couldn’t use the word classy in conjunction with any of them! All the Bravo reality shows are a disgrace to humanity but some of us watch some of them sometime!

  • John Mares

    One day I would like to shake Mike and Reza’s hand for putting there anger behind them and not let that ruin there friendship. I take’s a bigger man to put thing’s behind them and move on to many people miss out on so much with anger blinds them.

  • Susan Moghaddam

    Shame we can’t watch it in UK……. Sky has no intention of adding Bravo to it’s network……. booooooooooooooo

  • fifi

    give som info PLEASE! we hace waited long enough… This is taking to long…

  • Julia Doskocil

    Shahs of Sunset new start dates for 2015……
    Waiting for Bravo to air the new season….
    They have a ton of fans and were all getting impatient.

  • Gina Smith

    I love this show please hurry up and bring it back. I have been watching since it first started. Why is that there always has to be some drama when shows are coming back for another season. So are you saying that October of 2015 it will be back. I sure hope so. Make sure you guys keep Reza and if you don’t bring back GG oh well. The rest of them please bring back.