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Lisa Rinna Thought She Was Finished With #RHOBH, But THIS Happened! OMG!

I’m sorry for the clickbait title, but we honestly find Lisa Rinna’s latest attempt at trash talking the Beverly Hills Housewives (actually, probably just Lisa Vanderpump) to be quite hilarious. Since Lisa acted like this video was such a big deal, we felt like it needed a good ol’ clickbait headline to go along with it.

We’re going to show you the latest video LR posted on her Instagram account below, in which she takes another shot at the housewives, but we have to ask:

Lisa has stated numerous times that she’s over everything, she’s letting go of all the drama, and yada yada… However, it seems that she just can’t move on.

Okay, now you can check out the video:

? Don’t Look if you hate snakes!!!! Though my commentary is pretty good. Look at your own risk! ?

A video posted by Lisa Rinna (@lisarinna) on

As you can see, Lisa found a rattlesnake trapped in her backyard. As she grabs her camera, and approaches the trapped reptile, she commentates the whole situation.

As silly as it all may be, we have to give some kudos to LR. She got a lot closer to that rattlesnake than many people would, especially after it striked at her, and then got in the defensive position.


So, what do you think about Lisa Rinna’s latest video and all the Housewives drama? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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