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Lisa Rinna Offers Up An Apology, But Is Her Motive Sincere?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Rinna, certainly hasn’t made many fans as of late, due to the stuff she’s been saying on her Instagram account, and on her Twitter. Even after #RHOBH came to an end, LR continued to talk some mad smack about her cast mates — Lisa Vanderpump, in particular — on her social media accounts.

I mean, Lisa Rinna mocked a tweet that LVP sent out, and then she posted this video, basically comparing all of her former cast mates to snakes. Things are so bad that Vanderpump has apparently considered not returning for the next season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Rinna was absolutely running amuck on social media, and even engaged in some smack talk with fans of #RHOBH. Now, Rinna has had a sudden change of heart, and recently posted this apology up on her Instagram page:

Last month, as RHOBH was wrapping up, my social media platforms were flooded with intense, unkind messages. As a rule, I prefer to focus only on the wonderful, amazing fans out there because they bring such incredible light with everything they do and say. Unfortunately, the consistent negativity that appeared on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook day after day, seeped in and to my disappointment, got the better of me. I used ugly, derogatory words in the comment section of my Instagram account to try and stop the people who were constantly lashing out at me. That’s not okay. Not for one second was my intent to hurt, belittle or degrade my beautiful fans. Those words were never intended for 99.9% of you out there. In that moment, I felt beaten down and allowed myself to be hurt by the .1% and I held up a mirror and lashed out at them…. Not the rest of you. Please take this as my sincere and heartfelt apology to anyone that feels slighted, hurt or disappointed by my comments directed to a very specific group of Internet trolls. I know better than to feed them with their own vitriol and I had a moment of weakness which in turn may have upset the most important people. YOU. I adore and love all of YOU — my fans and @QVC family. ❤️??

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Now, this is all fine and dandy, but her sudden change of heart has us all questioning if she’s truly sincere in her apology. Don’t get us wrong, because we certainly hope that’s the case, but we’re also wondering if there’s some ulterior motives there.

After all, Rinna’s primary use of her social media accounts suddenly went from trashing fellow cast mates and fans, to promoting the fact that she’s returning to QVC, and then she offers up this apology.

Yes, in case you didn’t know, Rinna is set to return to QVC in a couple of days.

Is Rinna’s apology sincere, or is she only apologizing in an attempt to garner some viewers for her appearance on QVC? Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

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  • Mist

    This time its has hit Rinna in her bank acct. and now she’s trying another insincere apology. Not working! QVC ‘s executives most likely had a coming to Jesus meeting with her or her mouth(since it’s what gets her into trouble) since they are receiving a backlash for her poor media behavior. I think she better seek advice from Charlie Sheen about what meds to start taking that will keep her on an even keel.
    If she returns I am permanently off Bravo programing. Like Sweet Brown says “I ain’t got time for this!”

  • Synk

    Lisa Rinna I am not a troll but I found your unsubstantiated fierce go at Ms. Vanderpump as classless, mean girl and trollish. Those of us who were absolutely dismayed by your stubborn determination to take Ms. Vanderpump down found it to be a bit ironic from someone who doesn’t hesitate to throw a glass of wine at an alcoholic breaking the wine glass on the table and then spreading your fingers out and lunging over the table to have a go at her. I’m not a troll. I’m a viewer who feels like year after year there is an attempt to take the successful lady down. I haven’t seen her do half the things you and others have done.