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Lisa Rinna Denies Having Plastic Surgery Recently

Lisa Rinna, one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, says that she’s keeping it real when denying all of those recent plastic surgery rumors that have popped up as of late.

Rinna is known for having that certain style, and often times brags about it. She’s known for the haircut she’s had for the past 20-years mostly, but she’s also known for her plump lips, and equally plump breasts.

Therefore, when she was on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen last night, it came as no surprise when her physical attributes were brought up, as well as the plastic surgery rumors.

While Lisa was at the club house last night, along with Julie Chen, Andy Cohen mentioned that her lips were definitely looking “plumpy.”

That’s when Rinna explained:

No, no… [my lip] goes up and down, you know that!

She also commented on her breasts:

No, I don’t [have new boobs,] but I have boob pads in. It’s all an illusion people, I can do many things with this body.

Well, Rinna has always been honest in the past when it comes to plastic surgery, using botox, getting fillers, and all of that, so you have to wonder why she’d lie now.

Still yet, you have to admit that Rinna is looking great for her age:

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