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Lauren Manzo & Vito Scalia Engagement Details!

lauren manzo engaged

Real Housewives of New Jersey fans could not have been more excited when Lauren Manzo and Vito Scalia announced their engagement last week. These two have been such a cute couple for the past several seasons and everyone was just wondering when he’d pop the question. Well,  the answer is just in time for Caroline Manzo’s spinoff, Manzo’d With Children, it seems! According to Lauren, though, the cameras were NOT rolling when the proposal happened, but she says we might see it on the show anyways!

Lauren dished to People Magazine about how Vito proposed and it sounds like he did everything right. “Vito went and got a shave, his eyebrows waxed and a haircut. Then he showed up at 5:30 wearing a sportscoat even though I normally have to force him to dress up,” she said. (God only knows what would have happened if he hadn’t kept that appointment with the eyebrow waxer!) “He had a big bouquet of red roses and got down on one knee. When I looked up, both of our families were in the window and he was crying and shaking and I’m hysterically crying. It was amazing – the moment that every girl waits for.”

“I remember seeing the ring, and I couldn’t believe he pulled off what I always wanted,” Lauren says. “I am obsessed with it. I don’t know how many carats it is because he won’t tell me, but when I go out to eat with my friends I make them wear it, so I can see what it looks like.” Vito enlisted the help of Lauren’s favorite jewelry designer, Yanina, to give Lauren her diamond-encrusted white and rose gold ring. She took to Twitter to show it off:

lauren's ring

And this one she shared with

lauren manzo ring


Lauren also shared her thoughts and on the proposal and some very-early wedding plans with E News. “I love that we’re not the type of reality family that lives for the cameras,” she says. “People can get really caught up when it’s their entire life. We’re not the kind of people who say, ‘I’m getting engaged, how much money can I make from it?’ or ‘I need all of America to see my proposal.’ We live our real lives. So I’m happy with the way it happened. We have a really nice video of it that my friend took, so it may end up being part of the show that way. But I love that it was a totally real, not made-for-TV proposal.”

“Oh, we already have a date,” she reveals. “I’m not going to share the exact date, but it’s in 2015. And the reception will be at the Brownstone. Vito wants to do the ceremony at Fordham Church because that’s where we met, at Fordham College,” the bride-to-be gushes, adding that plans may change, as the date is still over a year away.

So, will we be seeing the wedding on Manzo’d With Children or a Bravo wedding special?

“We’ll see. If we were still on Housewives, I wouldn’t do it there. Housewives was scary. But Manzo’d with Children is so much more fun and lighthearted and we all had such a good time filming it,” she shares. “I don’t know that I’d do a wedding special, but if Manzo’d does get picked up for another season, then I’m sure part of the storyline will be my wedding planning. My mom already warned me there’s going to be plenty of drama. She was like, ‘Whatever you want for the flowers, you’re losing.'”

We’d expect no less, Lauren! And, I have to say, I’m loving that last answer about whether the wedding will appear on Bravo. It’s like a little threat/teaser to Bravo execs: ‘you better pickup Manzo’d for a 2nd season if you want to show my wedding!’


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