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Lala Kent modeling for CW boutique

LaLa Kent Modeling Photo Found In The Wild

It seems like everyone on Vanderpump Rules, other than the young men attracted to LaLa Kent, have an issue with her being a model. Most claim that LaLa is not an actual model, and is instead nothing more than just an ‘Instagram model.’ Granted, it didn’t help when LaLa decided to lie to Lisa Vanderpump, telling her that she couldn’t come in to work, because she had a modeling shoot in Italy.

Since then, we’ve seen LaLa show off her modeling skills multiple times, especially when she decided to do a few naughty poses with James Kennedy, which you can check out below:

james kennedy and lala kent modeling together james kennedy with lala kent in a modeling shoot

Now, how’s that for some sexy modeling pics, ladies? However, one could argue that these pictures were taken with James Kennedy, and after she became part of the SUR staff, so it’s a modeling gig arranged to promote SUR, which Lisa Vanderpump regularly arranges for most of her sexy staff members.

So, what about LaLa being a model on her own? I mean, without the help of Vanderpump? Well, CW Boutique recently posted an image of LaLa on their Facebook page of her in a Navy printed fabric dress. You can check out the Facebook post below:

CW boutique facebook status

And here’s the high resolution picture of LaLa modeling the dress:

lala kent modeling for cw boutique

So, there you have it, SUR staff; LaLa Kent is certainly a model. As always, you can catch LaLa Kent and the rest of the SUR staff on Vanderpump Rules, which airs Monday’s at 9/8c.

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