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LaLa Kent: Jax Taylor Is Cheating On Brittany! I Have Proof!

LaLa Kent definitely isn’t part of the clique on Vanderpump Rules, and she doesn’t give a damn! Therefore, she’s speaking without filter about her fellow cast mates, because she has absolutely nothing to lose.

Hell, they’re already trying to ruin her life, even though she’s not even on the show anymore.

So, when LaLa showed up on Jenny McCarthy’s podcast, she decided to share be completely uncensored in regards to her former cast mates.

Why are the girls out to get LaLa so bad? Well, this is a question that we’d all love to know the answer to, but LaLa says that she thinks it’s simple: they’re just jealous!

I don’t know why these girls don’t like me. Now I’ve definitely given everyone a reason not to like me because I’ve spoken my truth and my mind, but they haven’t been kind to me since I walked into the restaurant and onto the show.

I think they’re just jealous of my lifestyle period. I lived at home for a really long time and saved up a lot of money, so – I kind of live a little bit differently than they live and date different types of people than they date, and I just see more in my future than, like, shaking martinis. I think they get offended, like I’m judging them…

Well, that’s definitely not a far-fetched idea, whatsoever. After all, it’s not like the SUR roster is dripping with talent, or something.

As we stated above, LaLa complains that her former cast members are still trying to ruin her life:

They’re taking it like outside of the show now, like trying to take gigs from me that I’m booking free and clear on my own! I booked this gig – this appearance – and my manager called to tell me, ‘Oh my God, your cast members are crazy. One of them had their manager call and they’re trying to have the person that owns the club not hire you. And they listed all these reasons, like, Lala sleeps with married men, she’s no longer on the show… like they were trying to take this job from me! Like, damn, y’all are really invested in, like, making my life not good.

Jenny then decided to move on to another topic: Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

Jenny, like all of us, are wondering if Jax has changed his ways, and he’s actually faithful to Brittany, but LaLa says that you’d be a fool to believe someone like Jax would change:

I’m trying to be kind… I’m sure he’s cheating on her. I know for a fact he’s already cheated on her because he’s left SUR with multiple chicks, like after his shifts. I just don’t think she cares. I mean, the girl’s from Kentucky and now she’s living in LA and on TV. I’m sure she’s like ‘Oh f–k it – this life is way better than farm life!’


Whether you like the chick or not, at least she seems to be one of the more ‘real’ people on the show.

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  • Buddy Buddy

    Really? Kentucky is full of ‘farm girls?’ I happen to love LaLa, but that was a low blow statement.