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LaLa Kent: It Was My Decision To Leave Vanderpump Rules!

As we announced previously, LaLa Kent isn’t going to be on the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules.

A representative of LaLa’s said that it was because she has other ventures she’d like to pursue.

… Yeah, seriously.

And just like I reported in that post, it’s likely that she was ousted, and told that she’d no longer be a full time staffer, because of whatever reason.

Either way, we know it really wasn’t LaLa decision to leave #PumpRules behind.

We’re not the only ones to think that way, either, as LaLa just took to social media in an attempt to defend herself, saying that it was her choice to leave the show:

lala leaving vanderpump rules

Like anybody really believes that.  🙄

And for all of you fans out there that want to call LaLa by her real name — Lauren — she has a message for you:

lala lauren kent

Ouch! I guess getting canned from Bravo has made someone ultra pouty.

Calm down, LaLa, geez.

all these flavors meme

But, all joking aside, LaLa was an interesting new cast member tossed in there to mix things up, and now she’s gone.

If you ask us, it’s probably due to the fact that LaLa just simply didn’t mesh well with the rest of the group, and the upcoming season is going to be taken over by Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz’s wedding, so there probably just wouldn’t be much camera time for LaLa.

What do you think? Was it really LaLa’s choice to peace out, or did Bravo can the chick?

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