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LaLa Kent Is No Longer A Fulltime Cast Member Of Vanderpump Rules

LaLa Kent has been asked back for Vanderpump Rules season 5, but her role is going to be reduced to that of a part time cast member, rather than being full time, which was the case with season 4.

LaLa has confirmed that she’ll be back, but on July 19th, her rep is saying that she’s trying to make some time for other opportunities, and the state of her role on the show is unknown.

In other words, LaLa Kent has been shit canned, my fellow Bravoholics.

I mean, you don’t have to sugar coat it, and act like it was her choice, and she’s making time for other opportunities.

What other opportunities? Fake modeling contracts in Italy, or whatever? Posting videos of a motel television screen on Instagram?

Maybe her reduced role has something to do with the time that she and co-star James Kennedy showed up on an episode of Watch What Happens Live and they both pissed Andy Cohen off with their drunken behavior, and blatant use of foul language?

We don’t know, but we do know that LaLa isn’t going to be a full timer anymore, fans.

Speaking of James, whom LaLa had a thing for — he’ll be back this season, but we are really wondering if dude was fired from SUR, and will only make a couple appearances or so.

As of right now, you can definitely color us extremely curious, and we can’t wait until Vanderpump Rules season 5 premieres.

Oh, and did we mention that season 5 is currently being filmed?

It’s coming soooooon!

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