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LaLa Kent: I’ll Fat Shame Katie If I Want!

LaLa Kent is definitely not a fan of Katie Maloney, and Katie definitely isn’t a fan of LaLa. That’s one thing we can take away from this season so far.

Katie feels as if she’s come under a lot of scrutiny, as she’s packed on some weight, and it’s evident on the new season.

That being said, the girls’ claws are out, and some people, including Katie herself, thinks that LaLa is fat-shaming her.

So, LaLa wanted to go to social media to clear some things up:

Now, you can take that how you want, but you have to give props to LaLa for not backing down. She basically has the entire cast of the show after her, and she’s sticking to her guns.

She may be very fake, in a plastic sense, but at least she’s keeping it real as far as her social standings are concerned.

Still, the crazy thing about this whole mess is the fact that we have no idea why LaLa and Katie have this vehement hatred towards each other, and why they can’t move passed it.


After all, Stassi is now back to being friends with Kristen Doute, despite the fact that Kristen slept with Jax Taylor.

Likewise, Jax is once again bros with Tom Sandoval, despite sleeping with his girlfriend at the time.

Hell, fists were even being thrown at one point, and they’ve somehow been able to mend everything.


Stassi made a comment on a recent podcast, hinting that there was some drama during the off-season of #PumpRules that the camera didn’t catch, but who knows whether to believe that or not?

After all, it needs to be brought up on camera, and confirmed by both chick, or else we’re just left with a major plot hole.

Still, I think it’s obvious that LaLa was never welcome on the show, and the clique is trying to do what they can to drive her away.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have James Kennedy, who definitely never had a chance, even though he’s not exactly a likable person to begin with.

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