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LaLa Kent: I Want My Own Show — On VH1!

As we’ve reported LaLa Kent was actually fired decided to leave completely on her own terms ( ;-)) from Vanderpump Rules.

Yes, LaLa will be featured on season 5 of the show, but how much of a role she’ll have is completely unknown, so don’t count on seeing much of LaLa — if any at all.

Anyways, LaLa has taken to social media multiple times in an attempt to convince people that she quit #PumpRules, rather than being fired.

She also took to social media to dis on the haters:

lala kent twitter fight

Ouch! LaLa certainly isn’t pulling any punches.

After scrapping it up with some haters on Twitter, LaLa decided to send out a tweet saying that she wants to be on VH1:

lala kent vh1 show

If you Bravoholics remember, LaLa did tell her followers that they should stay tuned for her next big move:

lala kent instagram post

Could LaLa’s next big move be a new show on VH1?

Well, we doubt it’ll happen, but good luck anyways, LaLa.

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