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LaLa Kent Gets Major Facial Work Done

Say whatever you want about the former Vanderpump Rules cast member, LaLa Kent — but there’s one thing that’s for certain — at least she’s upfront and honest about numerous things, including all of the work she’s having done on her face.

In a recent social media update, LaLa shares a picture of herself under the needle so to speak.

lala kent plastic surgery

LaLa captioned the photo:

Thanks to this amazing Doc right here @diamondfaceinstitute , I now have a chin and jawline and no longer have to overline the shhhh out of my lips. There was no cutting, only needles! The three things I had done were 1. The non-surgical lip enhancement 2. Diamond Facial Sculpting to my chin and jawline 3. Botox. I was nervous for the first two because I’ve never done them before. Dr. Diamond is incredible and super conservative with his technique. I’m obsessed. After pics to come!

Hey, what else would you do when you’re in your mid-20’s and have some of that Bravo coin left over?

LaLa admits that this isn’t her first time getting Botox…

How many injections do you think she’s had thus far?

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