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LaLa Kent Continues Transformation Into a 50-Year-Old Real Housewives of New Jersey Star

Isn’t it crazy that at one point, LaLa Kent was one of the fresh faces desperately needed on Vanderpump Rules, but she was shamelessly cast into the shadows, as she didn’t exactly mold well with the rest of the cast.

Since then, LaLa’s professed relentlessly on social media that it was her decision to leave the show, but has failed to convince anyone, despite her efforts.

She’s also been on a plastic surgery bender, as we announced that she had some facial reconstructive surgery performed, lip implants, and some Botox injections.

lala kent plastic surgery - featured

At one point in time, LaLa was strikingly beautiful, but she seems to be hellbent on transforming herself into a 25-year-old with the attributes of a 50-year-old woman from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, or the Jersey Shore, that’s trying to look like she’s a 25-year-old.

Lala kent lip injections

In a new video posted by LaLa on her Instagram account, we can’t help but notice that she’s practically becoming unrecognizable, as she transitions into her final form.

I’m being extremely inappropriate in this video ? follow me on snapchat for the random good shit ? ?: lalakent

A video posted by Lala (@lalakent) on

Everything from the hoop earrings, to the hairstyle, to smacking her fake lips on a sucker, to the insanely long nails, on top of all the cosmetic procedures — it’s obvious LaLa is going down a very dark path, and is on her way to becoming a Jersey girl wannabe.

Just looking at the video preview above, couldn’t you picture LaLa’s car wreaking of cigarette smoke?

Couldn’t you picture her bringing those long nails up to her face, as she takes a drag off of a Misty Menthol?

Couldn’t you imagine her arm dangling out the side of her driver’s window, cigarette in hand, while she waits in the drive-thru at Bojangles?

Couldn’t you imagine her driving a ’93 Honda Civic?


I think we are seriously going to have to hold an intervention for LaLa soon, #PumpRules fans… It needs to be done.

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