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Ladies Of London Season 3 Is Currently Filming

Just a month ago, Bravo announced their lineup of shows for this year. So, we knew that Ladies of London was renewed for a third season. However, we didn’t know when the new season was going to begin filming. Well, we now have the answer to that question.

DailyMail reports that Ladies of London cast members, Marissa Hermer and Sophie Stanbury were spotted walking the streets of London while they were filming for the new season.

Marissa has been pretty busy as of late, as she welcomed a baby girl into her household on April 21st. However, the pregnancy was certainly no cake walk, as Marissa was on bed rest up until last month, as she was suffering from placenta previa and placenta accreta.


Sophie sounds like she’s glad to have her drinking partner back, as she shared the following photo of herself and Marissa while they were seen filming for the new season of Ladies of London:


As you can see, the girls are looking absolutely gorgeous, and it looks like they’re having a magnificent time together. We can’t wait for some more pictures of Ladies of London season 3 to start flooding in. SO excited the show is being filmed right now! squee!

And we also wanted to share this beautiful picture of Marissa with her newborn baby girl!  😀


So, what do you look forward to seeing on the new season of Ladies of London? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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