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Ladies of London Season 2?

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Did you watch Ladies of London Season 1? If so, you know Bravo’s across-the-pond version of Housewives wrapped up Season 1 this week. Personally, I was super stoked for this new series. As an avid Housewives fan I was excited for another installment along the same lines. And in the glitzy, high-brow setting of London? Doesn’t get much better than that if you ask me! After watching all 8 episodes the only thing that disappointed me was that there weren’t more. A short season is pretty typical for a Bravo series premiere but I, for one, could have watched two or three times that many. I love these ladies. And I love London. More please!

So…the question my fellow fans and I want answered: will Ladies of London return for Season 2? Typically after a Bravo series wraps I have a pretty good guess about whether we’ll be seeing more. In this case, however, I’m just not sure. Let’s take a closer look at why.


Unfortunately, Ladies of London fell in that rather gray area when it comes to Bravo ratings for renewal. LoL averaged 860,000 over its 8 episodes. Compare this to other recent Bravo shows which have gotten the green light for renewal and the Ladies fall short of numbers posted by Southern Charm, Newlyweds, & Below Deck, for instance. Arguably, however, Ladies of London may have been picking up steam; the finale episode did see a slight ratings increase over the previous week. Also, LoL may have had more success with something other than The Real Housewives of Orange County as its lead-in. Typically, a Housewives lead-in bodes well for a series’ success but Ladies of London hasn’t had much success at retaining the RHOC audience. Perhaps the two just aren’t a good pairing. Plus, the RHOC have had their own ratings struggles this season. And, when RHOC have dropped in ratings, Ladies of London has dropped as well.

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Overall, while Ladies of London may not have achieved high enough ratings to make season 2 a shoe-in, they also didn’t average out low enough to put them in the definite no category and there could have been the mitigating factor of an unfortunately assigned lead-in which could potentially be tweaked for the second go around. 

No Reunion

One thing that really doesn’t seem to bode well for the Ladies of London seeing a second season is that Andy has already confirmed there will be no reunion. We saw Bravo hastily add reunion episodes for Southern Charm, Below Deck, Newlyweds, and Blood, Sweat & Heels when their freshman seasons wrapped up, and all were subsequently renewed. Compare this with a long list of ensemble cast shows which did not have reunion episodes and also were not picked up for second seasons and it seems like a particularly bad sign. On the other hand, Andy Cohen told viewers that he would have been willing to film a reunion, and even was willing to travel to London to tape it, but that one cast member was reluctant to participate. So, perhaps we can’t read too much into the lack of reunion when it comes to the chances of seeing season 2.

Production Cost

Some sources are reporting that the cast of Ladies of London earned more money than is typical for a first season show. Radar Online reports salaries are $10,000 per lady per episode and that the cast negotiated their contracts together to avoid anyone getting lowballed. Another hint that production cost may be high for Ladies of London is that unlike other BravoTV series, LoL has been simultaneously syndicated to international markets. This could be to help offset higher than average production costs. Higher production costs without the payout of big ratings mean Bravo may opt out continuing the series.

In the end, all we can really do is speculate about a potential Ladies of London Season 2. At this point, the only response any of the cast has been giving via social media is that the fate of the series is, as yet, undetermined. I’d sure like to think we’ll be seeing more of Caroline, Juliet, Annabelle, Marissa, Caprice, and Noelle but we’ll have to wait and see. Fingers crossed!!

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What did you think about Ladies of London Season 1? Would you like to Season 2?

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  • indoorcamping

    How about the Juliet and Caroline show? The others are too high school, too pretentious, or gold digger-like. And therefore cringeworthy. Extremely so, with those fakey, creepy accents.

  • Just saying

    I love the Ladies of London. While I do have my favorites, I am enjoying most of the women, and their life styles. I would much rather watch this show than the Housewives of OC. Tamra and Heather have turned me off….completely.

  • bb

    Season 2 please!!!!! I am more excited about these ladies than Orange County!

  • esg

    “Andy Cohen told viewers that he would have been willing to film a reunion, and even was willing to travel to London to tape it, but that one cast member was reluctant to participate.”
    Any guesses who that might have been? My guess would be Annabelle.

  • Romanzwriter

    Please renew! I love this show

  • KellyJ

    Please renew! There is so much more to see with these ladies. When will we find out?

  • Tammy

    Ladies of London Season 2 PLEASE! This show is so underrated. Lets get
    rid of the OC Housewives and another Season of Ladies
    of London 2!

  • Dea

    Loved Ladies of London… .Please continue on with another season. We need some new blood like London.. Or try Paris… much like HGTV did with House Hunters International… especially since HWNJ is such a drag! Go London Ladies!

  • terry hooker

    love the ladies oflondon great london sites as i remembered love the characters so differnt other like house wives of beverly hills

  • jessica

    LOVE LADIES OF LONDON, AND MARRIED TO MEDICINE IF THEY DONT BRING THEM SHOWS BACK I will boycott BRAVO FOR GOOD. Theyre renewing the most stupidest shows but not the good ones!!!!

  • Annetta

    Team Caroline!

  • Cappybara

    Came here looking for an update as I’m totally having LoL withdrawals!! PLEASE bring them back for a second season!!! Team Caprice all the way…and it’s not just because we share such a fantastic name!! ^^

  • Panda jones

    Need a few extras like gretchenrossi
    Or tamara barna
    Get rid of caprice she’s dull as dishwater

  • Rachel

    I loved LoL and hope they do film a season 2..Ratings aside I believe the reason for not doing another one would be purely cast based. I can’t see Annabel wanting to do another!! Turned into 1 of my faves! 🙂

  • Rachel

    Have just read on Caprices social network a/c that there is a season 2 but that she won’t be in it!! Other opportunities she said 🙁 least there’s a season 2 though..Hoorah!! 🙂

  • Lisarich55

    Please have a season 2! Caroline is the best!

  • anna

    Loved it – Series 2 please! (Team Caroline too!!)

  • SAM

    SEASON 2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  • Scottie

    Please bring this show back for a season 2. Used to watch OC religiously, but its a little too out of control now. Ladies of London is its replacement for me.

  • Kim

    Please, oh please bring them back!!! Caroline is my girl crush!!!

  • Mary Harris

    Bring them back PLEASE 🙂

  • Goldie_R

    Season 2 please, Andy!! I know they are JUST getting started! They bring the class!

    • Minette Porterfield Dominguez

      I loved this show, please bring them back.

  • Please bring back Ladies of London, love this show.

  • Beth

    please come back for season 2

  • Catherine Baffa

    bring them back if just for the looks of London town

  • DA

    Please bring this show back, I love it!! BTW, feel free to drop The real housewives of OC, I work in Orange County California, and these women are an embarrassment to the rest of us!!

  • Beth Miller

    Please bring back the Ladies of London,the cultural differences between the U.S. & the UK is so much fun to watch!

  • Tanya Page

    Season 2 PLEASE!!!! I loved the show, and the ladies, but my favorite is Caroline!! I will definitely watch this series again if they will renew for Season 2!!

  • TPage

    Team Caroline & Juliet!! Please, please Season 2!! I love this show and it became my top favorite of all Bravo Series.

  • Stell76

    yes please more…interesting show at least there is no Kim Richards on it !