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Kyle Richards and Kim Richards Being Sued Over ANOTHER Pit Bull Attack

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars, Kyle Richards and Kim Richards, are heading to court, because Kim’s dog, Kingsley has attacked yet another person.

The defendant that’s suing this go around is Paige Sanderson, who was actually an employee of Kyle’s, as she worked as her assistant.

However, Paige found herself at the mercy of Kingsley when Kim decided to visit her sister, and brought the violent dog over to Kyle’s mansion with her.

Kay Rozario is another woman that’s been mauled by Kingsley in the past, and she says that she feels Sanderson’s pain, and knows all too well what she’s going through right now.

Back in 2014, Rozario was attacked by Kingsley while at Kim’s home.

I would love to talk with Paige Sanderson, because I feel partly responsible for her brutal attack.

Rozario sued Kim, and part of the lawsuit agreement was that Kim would have to get rid of the dog, but we all know that Kim decided against that.

To add injury to insult (no pun intended), Kim hasn’t even paid Rozario the $8,083.54 she was awarded in her case against Kim.

Rozario’s attorney, Bill Zudhi has stepped forward and said that Rozario is seeking punitive damages, becasue “Ms. Richards has a history of putting her dog’s welfare over the safety of people.”

Rozario says that Kim begged her not to say anything about the mauling:

Kim asked me this exact same thing to me as she did to Paige! She tried for force me to not tell anyone about my attack, as I was gushing blood all over the place! I had two huge wounds, and at the time, I thought ‘I am definitely going to die at the paws of this dog. He is going to kill me!’

When Kim would not get rid of the dog, I said, someone has to stop her. What I didn’t want on my conscious was someone to get hurt or killed by that dog! And then this happened!

And as we could all safely assume, Kim still has Kingsley.

I hope that Paige wins this lawsuit against the both of them to teach them a very valuable lesson: Human life is more important than money or fame. Sadly, it is just a matter of time before this dog kills someone.

What do you think about the whole situation, and Kim still keeping the dog, after it attacked someone, and being ordered to get rid of it?

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