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Kroy Biermann Gets Cut From The Buffalo Bills!

Remember when the Don’t Be Tardy star, and former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kim Zolciak was saying how much better she is than everyone else, and you should know it?

Well, apparently her husband, Kroy Biermann, definitely is not better than any of the other 53 men that are currently on the Buffalo Bills roster.

As you all know, Kroy was recently signed by the Buffalo Bills, and Kim was absolutely ecstatic.

She went to social media to profess her love for the Bills, and she even wrote a whole essay on how her life has been, in some way, connected to the Bills…  🙄

Well, that was all for nothing, because Kroy didn’t even make it out of the preseason, as he’s been cut from the roster.

Simply put, the team had to cut 21 players to get down to the max roster of 53 players in order to start the season, and Kroy found himself among those 21 players that got the ax.

Kroy’s currently been in the NFL for eight seasons, and he recently signed a 1-year contract with the Bills, but he couldn’t hack it, so they cut him as the NFL’s regular season begins.

As NFL fans know, and anyone with a shred of journalistic integrity that’s covering this topic should know, this isn’t something unusual for teams and players to face.

Teams are allowed to have up to 90 players under contract for their camp, but as the regular season approaches, they are required to make roster cuts.

Eventually, as the league moves out of the preseason, teams are required to have a maximum of 53 players on their roster.

As noted above, the Bills had to cut 21 players from their roster, and Kroy happened to be one of those players.

So, how’s it determined as to who gets cut and who gets to stay?

Well, they’re different variables, but it usually comes down to:

  • Salary Cap Requirements
  • Players That Have Too Expensive of Contracts
  • Players Don’t Fit The Overall Scheme of The Team
  • Players That Suck
  • etc…

Hey Kim, maybe you should start telling us all how great your life is again!

… And the grease is beginning to wear a little bit more thin on the wheels of that gravy train.

That, my fellow Bravoholics, is what we call karma.

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