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Kristen Doute Wants To Do Vanderpump Rules Forever, Outs Stassi For Being On The “Adderall Diet”

In a recent interview with The Cut, Kristen Doute of Vanderpump Rules fame talked about some very interesting things that she probably shouldn’t have said, but we’ll take it!

After Doute literally walked into a glass door, resulting in some major swelling on her head, she sats down with the interviewer and that’s when Doute decided to dish on why LaLa Kent is practically hated by the entire cast. Most notably, Katie Maloney, and she says that they’re not “slut-shaming” her.

LaLa definitely started that. I keep getting this a lot on social media, and maybe I just don’t understand it, but this whole slut-shaming thing … We’re not shaming her for dressing in a certain way, you know what I mean? Like Katie says, she calls it as she sees it.

So, your reason for calling someone a slut is because that’s how you see LaLa? Oh…. okay….. That cleared that whole thing right up. Yeah, totally not slut-shaming at all. 🙄

However, Kristen then turned around and said that LaLa calling Katie fat was definitely “fat-shaming.”

But, by Kristen’s logic, I guess maybe that’s just the way LaLa views Katie, and it’s not fat-shaming at all?  😉

Kristen was then asked if she, or anything of her cast mates take Adderall in order to keep up with the demand of filming and what not, which Kristen admitted that she takes it, and that she has a prescription for it.

She also went on to say that she knows some of her other cast mates have prescriptions for Adderall, which comes as absolutely no surprise.

… And that’s when she let this slip about Stassi:

I think when she was super, super-skinny in season one … she was totally on that Adderall, Diet Dr. Pepper diet.

It’s safe to assume that Katie isn’t one of the cast mates on the Adderall diet, or maybe she’s coming off of it?

Either way, Doute then went on to say that it would be “awesome” to still be on the cast of Vanderpump Rules in 5-years.

Life goals, Bravoholics. Get’em.  😉

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