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Kim Zolciak Tells Teen Daughter Brielle Biermann To Get Breast Implants

The Don’t Be Tardy star, Kim Zolciak, is known as being a supporting mom, but some people seem to think that she’s a little bit too supportive, especially when it comes to the whole plastic surgery thing.

Kim is telling Brielle Biermann that it’s okay if she wants a boob job, but she should give breastfeeding a try first. If she still wants a boob job afterwards, then she’ll support her.

I tell her, if you want bigger boobs, you need to breast feed – I’m big on breast feeding – then go do it. She needs to breastfeed her kids.

As a lot you will recall, Brielle, at the ripe age of 19, decided she wanted lip injections, which she ended up getting while Kim was right by her side.

Of course, people on social media went absolutely nuts, calling Kim out, because they couldn’t believe a mom would accompany their daughter to get plastic surgery at such a young age.

Everyone freaked out because I went with her. But I feel ,like, you should be honest. I think women should help other women.

Brielle says that she’s wanted implants for years now, and she’s ready to get them:

She’s known, like, forever that it was a really big insecurity of me. I’ve talked to her about it for years and years and years and when I became 18, like, okay, let’s go.

Like, yeah, and totally, and all that.

A lot of fans speculate that Brielle has actually already gotten implants, but she says that’s not the case:

So to those of you who think I’ve gotten a boob job, tell me where. Because I really don’t see how I could have gotten one. You only think that when I wear a really good bra, and I’m not wearing one now.

In other words? Boob job incoming.

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