Sunday , December 17 2017
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Kim Zolciak: I’m Better Than You; And Don’t Forget It!

So, what are my fellow losers doing out there, today?

Sitting at your loser house? Working at your loser job?  Being unhappy with your loser life? Taking time out of your loser day to get on your loser social media account to talk trash about Kim Zolciak?

Either way, just understand that you’re a loser, and there’s no way your life could ever compare to the queen of do-it-all, Kim Z!

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Kim is better than you, and your life will always fail in comparison to hers.

Well, this is the case in her delusional mind, anyways.

Kim shared this picture on her social media account:

kim zolciak duck face

The picture, even though it’s completely ridiculous, isn’t the important part.

Instead, it’s the caption that Kim decided to include with this picture:

While your taking time out of your day to write nasty comments on my page, Im building a company, I’m sending nudes to my hubby, snuggling with my little ones, shopping online, filming my own tv show (5 yrs and still going strong) having lunch with my daughters, and planning my next vaca! WE ALL HAVE THE SAME 24HRS #KashmereKollections #6Kids #TVShow #SkincareLine #AwesomeHubby #HealthHappiness and fuckin #Peace …TRY IT ?

And, I hate to be that typical grammar Nazi, but at least I did take time out during my day to learn the differences between the words “your,” and “you’re.”

That’s probably something you should give a shot — just saying.

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  • Michael

    Sure, we may all have the same 24 hours in a day, but we don’t have the maids, chefs, housekeepers and assistants to do a real wife/mothers work.

  • Talli

    She’s a piece of work….literally!!! =P

  • Ramona

    I’m at a loss for words. ???

  • UnFreakinBelievable

    All of her kids say the F word – while Kim – the really “good mother” who continues to vomit nasty words daily – laughs because she thinks it’s funny.