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Kim Richards Demands $1.5 Million To Return For The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7

A lot of us were wondering if Kim Richards was going to return for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 7, and we now know that she’s willing to come back, but she says that she wants Bravo to pay her the big bucks.

We all know that Lisa Vanderpump rakes in a good amount of cash for appearing on #RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules, so Kim wants Bravo to dig deep into their pockets to get her back on the show.

A source revealed:

She believes she should get $1.5 million per season, with additional money for appearing at the reunion.

Kim, whom took on the part time role of appearing as a “friend of / sister of,” type role during season 6 was making less than $150k per season.

… And apparently that’s what she’s going to get again for this season, because Bravo isn’t wanting to bring her back full time.

However, Kim is trying to remain hopeful that Bravo will want her back full time after Yolanda Hadid left an empty spot wide open, because Bravo needs Kim to bring entertainment back to the show:

Kim believes that there is simply no drama without her.

Kyle Richards recently spoke out about Kim’s possible return to the show, saying that the show is actually good for Kim, as the filming schedule helps Kim maintain her sobriety.

The source went on to say that Kim is completely delusional if she thinks she’s going to rake in that kind of money, though:

Kim is absolutely delusional if she thinks producers are going to give her anywhere near Lisa’s huge paycheck.

Nice try, Kim.

But, who can blame the woman? She’s inevitably going to be in a financial bind after everyone’s finishing suing her.

Would you welcome Kim back to the show?

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