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Kelly Dodd: You Will Forgive Vicki And You Will LIKE IT!

Okay, so maybe we’re going a little bit overboard with the tagline, but Kelly Dodd from The Real Housewives of Orange County absolutely loves her some Vicki Gunvalson, and she won’t stop until everyone else does, too!

As of right now, we’re not sure if Kelly is truly a Vicki supporter, or if she just really likes having an excuse to be on opposite ends of the field with her other cast members…

Or maybe she’s one of those hipster friends that will like indie bands that no one else in the world has ever heard of, and they’ll insist how insanely amazing they are.

Can’t you just hear Kelly screaming, “I liked Vicki Gunvalson before it was cool!!!”

Either way, Kelly is #TeamVicki, and she’s continuing to stick to her guns, especially in her latest Bravo blog, in which she calls everyone out.

Unfortunately, Shannon [Beador] and Meghan [Edmonds] brought some of the chill back with them from the beach and shared it with Vicki.

Kelly is throwing shade like she dgaf!

After that, she lays into the girls pretty hardcore for not liking Vicki:

For those keeping score, so far…Heather [Dubrow], Tamra [Judge], and Shannon have said they forgive Vicki. But, Heather wants to treat Vicki as an acquaintance, while Shannon and Meghan don’t want to rekindle their friendship. In my opinion, that is their loss. Vicki is one of the kindest, most considerate people I know. She is a successful entrepreneur and wonderful matriarch who is committed to the people she loves. I feel privileged to have her as my good friend.


Oh well, that’s just more Vicki for you, Kelly!

Do you Bravoholics think the rest of the cast should forgive Vicki?

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  • Ramona

    I liked her from the start.

  • Missy B

    Kelly should STFU and sit down. Not her circus, not her monkees. I believe V knew all along…Brianna being a nurse flat out told V Brooks was not behaving like a person who would be weak and sickly with his cancer. Brooks story never did sit right. And Bri pointed out why to V. Plus V admitted, at one point, that she did lie about being with Brooks at some treatment and she DID lie about the calling Terry and T coming to start IV’s on Brooks. WTF V, you can’t claim you didn’t know after admitting to complicity. That V took Brooks side over her own daughter, medically trained daughter I might add…was disgusting. Making V disgusting as a human being. V should lose her Bravo contract. Kelly brings nothing to this season. Nothing but being V’s new ‘patsy’. I have lost all interest in the ‘housewives’ with the stupid and contrived storylines and unnecessary . I am trying to maintain RHNY because I have followed Bethenny’s trials and tribulations for years. She is the only one with a REAL storyline.
    The bullying that went on at Southern Charm was a turn off as well…Landons lies and crap mostly.
    My first love at this time is BelowDeckMed…but I can’t wait for the original and most down to earth Captain..LEE…to return next season. At least those two below deck shows had REAL ppl doing REAL jobs in cramped qtrs with 1/4th the drama necessary for a successful show. I’m not the only one who feels that way…but I’m probably one of the few who will state it so blatantly.