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Kelly Bensimon: I’d Maybe Return to #RHONY

The Real Housewives of New York City alum, Kelly Bensimon, 48, starred on #RHONY from season 2 all the way up to season 4.

In a recent interview with FOX411, Kelly said that she wouldn’t be totally against returning to the popular reality show, because she never says never, but some things would have to change in order for her to consider coming back:

Everyone always asks me if I would do it again and I never say no just because I always tell my kids never say never because you don’t want to, you know, put yourself out of the game. I just would have to expect more from the producers, I would want them to want their talent to be genuine and authentic.

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Kelly also went on to talk about how difficult it was for her to share her personal life with people from around the world watching her every move:

I won’t share my life with people that I don’t know and that I don’t trust… and that’s why I didn’t show my life. I was just like ok I’ll hang out with these girls and I’m going to go home. [I] rarely did things with my kids, rarely did anything that was personal, rarely dated, like I went on one date, and I did that for a reason because…I didn’t feel like it was the right environment.

So, what’s Kelly been up to since her departure from The Real Housewives? She’s moved her attention to a novel that she’s working on, which is actually going to hit stands next month, which she’s said is like “Sex and the City meets Housewives.

She then went on:

[It’s] all about the publishing world, the art world, television world, modeling world, everything that I know a lot about…it’s jam-packed and a very, very, very sexy book. Very sexy.

Kelly Bensimon’s novel is entitled “A Dangerous Age,” and you can get yourself a copy from Amazon below:

a dangerous age by kelly bensimon

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Would you welcome Kelly returning to the show? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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  • Buddy Buddy

    Oh no, Kelly, please do not make a return to television.