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Kathryn Dennis: You Went From Having My Hot A$$; To THAT?

Kathryn Dennis of Southern Charm fame has quite the checkered past if you listen to what the rest of her cast mates have to say about her; as they say she’s been with quite a number of men.

Therefore, we’re assuming that her recent social media post is perhaps in regards to her baby daddy, Thomas Ravenel, but how could one be sure if it’s true that there’s been a lot of men in her past?

Either way, Kathryn is throwing some major shade someone’s way, as she recently took to social media saying that she can’t believe that someone went from being with a classy, sexy woman like herself (to hear her tell it, anyway) to being with the person they’re with now.

Here’s the picture she posted:


A photo posted by Kathryn Calhoun Dennis (@kathryndennis) on

As you can see, she didn’t really add a caption to it, but we’d love to hear her elaborate on who she’s referring to.

In other news, Kathryn’s apparently still trying to seek out work as a model, as she recently shared this picture:


Either way, we have to ask:

Is Kathryn a girl you’d be privileged to be in a relationship with?

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