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Kathryn Dennis Of Southern Charm Goes On Twitter Rampage!

Kathryn Dennis is back for Southern Charm season 3, and things have definitely begun to get quite juicy. Kathryn finds herself ousted from the Charleston clique, and has found herself sitting at home a lot, as she’s not been invited to the various parties that have taken place on the show.

Simply put, a lot of the cast members of the show just aren’t that crazy about Kathryn Dennis. A lot of people believe that she is using Thomas Ravenel, and that’s why she got pregnant with his children.

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Kathryn decided that she was going to tune in for Monday night’s episode of Southern Charm, and while she watched, she decided to have a live tweet session. During this whole session, she decided to call out Thomas Ravenel and Landon Clements, as she didn’t agree with what they were saying about her on the show.

In case you didn’t catch Monday night’s episode, entitled Birds of a Feather…, Landon said that Kathryn was using Thomas, and also talked about Kathryn’s medical issues (which could have resulted in Kathryn’s death), and downplayed them.

Kathryn fired back on Twitter with the following epic rants:

Damn. Hell hath no fury like Kathryn C. Dennis scorned.

This is just some of the tweets that Kathryn shot out that night. Keep in mind that she also engaged viewers, and retweeted plenty of people, as well. Without a doubt, we’re going to keep an eye on Kathryn’s Twitter next week when the new episode of Southern Charm airs.

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