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Kathryn Dennis Leaves Rehab! Hooks Up With Another Addict?

As we’ve been covering over the past few weeks, Kathryn Dennis went practically awol on social media, and then started posting pictures of herself enjoying Malibu, California.

Of course, everyone and their mom suspected that Kathryn was seeking out help for her substance abuse issues, which has practically been confirmed at this point.

It was striking to watch as Kathryn posted motivational pictures of her enjoying her life, and the rampant posts of her shitting on everyone else on social media were absent…

For a little while, anyways.

Kathryn hopped on her Twitter account, and began bashing on the pregnant Jennifer Snowden, which was definitely confusing, and a bit suspicious, as she’s taken a break from her Twitter rampages for awhile.

kathryn dennis insults jennifer snowden


A source has now come forward and reported that Kathryn has left the rehab facility, and that’s likely why she’s going back to her old ways.

She has not been committed to the treatment program and has left. She’s hooked up with a shady character. This man is not good for Kathryn’s recovery.

In other words, Kathryn has hooked up with yet another drug addict, and we’re curious as to if she found this dude in rehab?

Who the hell goes to rehab to pick up on guys?


Kathryn posted a picture of her new boy toy on her Instagram account:

kathryn dennis new boyfriend


Kathryn was up all night on a bender with dude, and just got back to an apartment.

A source also revealed that Kathryn really wasn’t ready to clean her act up, either:

When Kathryn left to seek help in Malibu, she was not mentally ready. She really hasn’t accepted or admitted her addiction issues. She took the paid-for-treatment to look good in her custody battle with Thomas.

Kathryn also shared this picture on social media, which is further proof that she’s falling back into the same mindset as before:

And after you see all of this stuff, and hear all of the sources coming out about Kathryn, you see her post a picture like the one below, and your heart just breaks:

kathryn dennis baby

If all of this is true, and Kathryn has officially left rehab, and hooked up with some guy that’s not good for her, all we can do is hope that she gets straightened out.


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  • Michael

    All we can do is hope she doesn’t get custody of her kids and only supervised visitation.