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Kathryn Dennis & Landon Clements Feud Erupts On Twitter

Let’s face it, things have never been peachy between the Southern Charm stars, Kathryn Dennis and Landon Clements.

They’ve always had a feud, and I hate to say it, but I think they’re always going to hate each other’s guts, and that’s just how things are.

Lucky for us fans, sometimes this feud spills over to Twitter, and we get a little bit of off-the-show drama.

After all, Kathryn is famous for her Twitter rants. Well, she’s not disappointing this season, either!

Check out the tweet she sent out below:

Of course, Landon wasn’t about to let this one slide, and she showed up in the comments:

If that’s not passive aggressive, but what else could we expect from Landon?

Still, there’s some deep digs within that comments. After all, Kathryn had some major *ahem* issues that landed her in rehab, which she believes ruined her family.

On another note, I wonder how Landon even found out about the tweet Kathryn sent out about her? I mean, Kathryn didn’t tag Landon in her original tweet, so I wonder if Landon was doing a ittle bit of social media stalking?

Food for thought.


A fan of Southern Charm decided to send out a tweet, saying that Landon is the worst reality television personality of all time, and even goes as far as comparing her to the awful Farrah Abraham.

Damn, now that’s some harsh criticism.

Still, Kathryn took the opportunity to respond to the tweet, and clearly enjoyed it.

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