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Kathryn Dennis Is Stylin’ And Profilin’ In New Picture

Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm has been living a very interesting life ever since the season came to an end, and we’ve been keeping up with her every stop of the way.

From going to California, to going to rehab, to leaving rehab, to Twitter rants, and everything else, she’s a non-stop source for entertainment.

That being said, we haven’t been seeing a lot of selfies from her since she’s been in rehab Cali.

Typically, her social media posts have been motivational pictures, or some landscape shots of the beautiful scenery in Malibu, which is cool and all, but we want to see that fiery redhead!

Well, we’re in luck, because today, Kathryn decided to do some shopping for herself, and she shared a selfie of her new swag.

Check it out:

Looks like Kathryn had some cash burning a hole in her pocket, so she went on a shopping spree.

If you want to get Kathryn’s look, we’ve tracked down all the info you need:

Wildfox Couture Outlaw Shirt

wildfox couture outlaw with a stolen heart shirt

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First up, we have the shirt she’s working, which is by Wildfox Couture, and has the words “Outland With A Stolen Heart,” printed on the front of it, in a repeating pattern.

True Religion Halle Shredded Jeans

true religion halle shredded

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Next up, we have Kathryn’s jeans, which are made by True Religion, and she was clearly rocking the shredded high-rise look.

Moschino High Top Sneakers

moschino white high top sneakers for women

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Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find the Bubblegum-colored Moschino sneakers Kathryn is wearing in the picture, but we were able to find the white variant.

Either way, we dig the look, and hope all is going well for Kathryn while she enjoys that Cali life.

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