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Kathryn Dennis Is Ready To Kick Some A$$! Assembles Her Own Clique For Southern Charm Season 4

Southern Charm season 3 definitely wasn’t a great season for Kathryn Dennis. Unfortunately for her, she was like the girl sitting at the high school lunch table by herself.

The only gal pal she could count on was Jennifer Snowden, but things are going to be much different on Southern Charm season 4, because Kathryn is back, and she’s ready to kick some butt with her own gaggle of gals.

Well, actually, Kathryn has apparently made peace with the other ladies, but still, if things do go down, at least she has a group of “real friends,” that will get her back.

  • Naomie Olindo, Craig Conover’s girlfriend is one of her friends.
  • Danni Baird.
  • Elizabeth Madison, an old friend of Kathryn’s.
  • Chelsea Meissner, whom is friends with the cast of Southern Charm, as well as a past Survivor contestant.

Kathryn has also stated that she’s getting along with her other cast members, as well. They may not be best of friends or anything, but she says that she had a great time in Key West for Cameran Eubanks‘ birthday.

Okay, so Cameran isn’t the one that we’re all really interested in. Of course, we all want to know how Kathryn and Landon Clements are getting along. Well, it’s pretty much the same situation as it always was, as far as their relationship is concerned.

However, Kathryn says that she’s going to try and judge her responses better, and not feed into the drama when Landon ticks her off. So, no more epic Twitter rants?  😥

Oh, and of course, Patricia Altschul is still not a Kathryn fan, to say the least, but who didn’t see that one coming?

Despite those two, however, Kathryn says that this season is much different, and she feels like the group is really coming together.

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